Thursday, January 5, 2017


We are officially less than 6 months away from having a 5 year old! I mean, I was just pregnant with Noelle, right??

This girl is growing up way too fast and keeps insisting that she's going to first grade next year- nope, just kindergarten! She almost always picks out what she's going to wear for the day (99% of the time it's a dress), but I at least try to make sure she's wearing shoes that mostly match her outfit. Thankfully she's at least branched out and is willing to wear long sleeve dresses this winter, unlike a year ago.

She is little miss bossy when it comes to her brother. If Jonah is asking for something, she'll often tell me "it's okay mom, I don't mind if he has that." If he is trying to go off and do his own thing, she'll grab his shirt or hood so that he can't wander away. And in their pretend play, she usually tells him what to do, and most of the time he's willing to go along with it.

Noelle is so excited about the baby, which she is really hoping is a girl. She'll wave to my stomach and say "hi baby!", and if I tell her a fact about how things are progressing, like the baby can now hear us talking, she'll continually tell me that the baby can hear us now. She loves seeing her nephew and bringing him things, so hopefully she'll be my little helper come June!

She loves books, and I started reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books out loud to her, which takes me back to when my mom read them out loud to my me and my sister. Whenever we go to the library she picks out a bunch of books she wants, which lately includes My Little Pony, Lalaloopsy, Fancy Nancy. and Thomas the Train. She also of course loves t.v., which I try to limit to a bit in the afternoon and lately they've been watching My Little Pony, Octonauts, Barbie, and Hi-5.

Her favorite thing to ask me is "what are we doing tomorrow?" And then first thing in the morning, "what are we doing today?" All. day. long. she asks me this. And of course Jonah has picked up on it and asks me as well. It drives me bananas, those little stinkers!

She loves school, her teachers, her school friends (especially her buddy Ryan), and she's really excited that I signed her up for ballet again. She still has a reserved personality and takes awhile to warm up to new situations or people, but she can also have quite the attitude and be stubborn when she wants to be. She also has a "pose" that she does for when we take pictures where she leans one should forward and tilts her chin down. It's hilarious, but we usually at least get a smile out of it! 

her "pose"

I love this little girl so much, and it's been so fun watching her develop into the person she's becoming. I'm praying lots that God would take hold of her heart and give her a passion to know Him!

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