Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our Week So Far

Poor Jonah woke up with a fever this morning after coughing for most of the day and through the night last night. He woke up earlier than usual and after feeling how hot he was, I knew there was no way I'd be taking him anywhere today. I know that RSV is going around and all his symptoms match it, but I'm praying it passes quickly.

Today was also the day that Noelle was supposed to be celebrating her (half) birthday at school, and parents and siblings are allowed to come. I told Luke I would be sad to miss it since I wouldn't be able to take Jonah, and thankfully he said he'd work from home so I could still go. Yay!

As Noelle and I were getting ready to walk out the door to get her to school, I saw an email come through on my phone from her school. I quickly opened it and found out school was cancelled because the county schools were closed. The weather wasn't bad, but I guess certain areas had some icy roads. So we all stayed home, and while Luke worked, me the littles watched T.V. and napped. It was slow and lazy, but hopefully it helps Jonah feel better!

Monday and yesterday we had my nephew Holden with us for a few hours. Yesterday he ended up napping for most of the time he was here, but Monday I ventured out with all three to the library and to pick up a few things at Walmart. Holden was not happy when we first got to the library and I was a little worried I'd have to cut our visit short, but I had him in the ergo and once I moved and bounced him for awhile, he was out! I read a few books to Noelle and tried to make sure Jonah was being nice to the other kids!

At Walmart I walked past two women talking to each other and after I passed by, the one looked at me and said, "oh honey, are you getting any sleep?" I laughed and told her the one in the car seat was my sister's and that she wasn't getting any sleep. I'm just waiting for the comments when I'm out with all three and noticeably pregnant! They really just make me laugh. :)

Here's hoping our house has less sickness by the end of the week!

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