Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Getting Out

Winter, as I've always said, is hard for me with the littles. I don't know what to do with them, and after we've read books for an hour, I'm often left wondering what we'll do for the 6 hours left in the day until Daddy gets home. They got a slew of new toys for Christmas, which keeps them occupied for a bit, but then they start asking for T.V., and I really don't want to cave into that too early in the day!

Our go to outings are the mall (for the play place and carousel) and Chick Fil A. The kids have been sick for the past week (Jonah is still battling a cough, and Noelle woke up with a snot fountain over the weekend) so we've barely left the house. Most winters, I'm willing to risk getting sick because I can't stand being cooped up for long, but with this bout of sickness, and with friends sharing that their families are getting struck by the norovirus, I'm nervous to go anywhere!

But all that being said, we have been doing some fun things, and I know that sickness is a part of childhood. We're just building up their immunities for later, right? At the end of last week, I left sick Jonah at home with Luke working in the basement to go celebrate Noelle's birthday at school. She chose oreos as her snack to share, and My Little Pony napkins. It was so fun seeing her in her school environment, and singing happy birthday to her with all her little school friends. And I loved how excited she got when she saw me walk through the door!

We also like to venture out to Dunkin Donuts, but that was more fun when my body could handle caffeine and I could get free coffee after the Ravens won. And it was more fun when Heather wasn't working and could meet us there. BUT I did get a Dunkin Donuts gift card for Christmas, so since Luke is limiting me on our Chick Fil A visits (it was needed!), I figure we'll go spend gift card money at Dunkin Donuts. Plus these two love their strawberry sprinkle donuts.

And after getting a good amount of money to Starbucks for Christmas, Jonah and I have been doing the drive thru, or going in more than once a week over the last few weeks (decaf skinny cinnamon dolce latte for the win!) I do enjoy the one on one time with him, and it's good to be out of the house, even for just a short bit.

coffee for me, cake pop for J
Only a little over two months left of winter, right? It will fly by and be spring before we know it, and I'm going to try to enjoy it as much as we can!

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