Wednesday, May 24, 2017

35 Weeks and Nesting

Only five-ish weeks to go until our little one arrives! I keep seeing a meme going around Instagram about how every month has about 30 days, except the last month of pregnancy, which has 1,465 days. I'm so torn between feeling ready to meet our newest babe and holding him or her in my arms, but also wanting to cherish being pregnant. All three pregnancies I've loved being pregnant (not every moment, of course), and this is the last time I'll get to experience the kicks and rolls, seeing our baby on a sonogram, growing a nice round belly, and learning to trust God in the day to day of growing a tiny human.

We had our second growth ultrasound at the perinatologist last Friday, and baby had jumped up to the 18th percentile! This is such an answer to prayer, and I think even the doctor was surprised by the growth. She suggested I get another growth sono before baby comes, which she said I could do there, or at my OB's office. I'm hoping to talk about it with my OB at my appointment next week to see what they say. And I'm hoping to not have to go back to the perinatologist because those sonos we have to pay for (like $400 a pop!) And weekly appointments will start next week!

I'm definitely getting into nesting mode, although we've done pretty much nothing in the baby's room. The crib is still in pieces, we don't have any of the baby items we've lent out to people (bassinet, stroller attachment for carseat, our swing), and I haven't washed a single thing. But I did start texting those who have borrowed stuff, I bought the baby detergent yesterday and had Luke pull out our boxes of newborn boy and girl clothing (which I gushed over all the tiny pieces I started pulling out!), we got a new infant carseat, and we bought a "new" loft bed to put in Noelle and Jonah's room.

We found a Kura loft bed on craigslist and just need to get a twin sized mattress for Jonah to put on the bottom  portion of the bed. The littles both love it, and so far Noelle hasn't had any issues with climbing up and down, even in the middle of the night. It saves us some space in their already tiny room, and someday the baby and older sister or brother can share it.

Last night when we were putting the kids to bed, Noelle looked at me and said "I just can't stop thinking about the baby and if it's a girl. And I'll miss you mommy! I can't sleep!" The missing me thing is something she says pretty much every night, which is adorable, but also completely a delay tactic. And I'm really hoping she's not disappointed if she gets another brother!

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