Monday, May 22, 2017

Mother's Day 2017 and Last Week

Mother's Day 2017 was a good one! Despite that fact that I'm cranky about not being able to run (and my guess is that I won't be able to until I'm recovered from birth!) from the leg pain, I started my Mother's Day morning by crawling into bed with each of my littles. Jonah was already awake when I walked in, so I cuddled up next to him for a few minutes. And then of course, he got loud, and Noelle woke up, so I crawled into bed with her for a bit.

I love these little people who made me a mommy SO MUCH! My patience has been lacking lately, but all the emotions are hitting as I think about Jonah being three and potty-trained, Noelle graduating pre-k and starting kindergarten, and adding this baby to our family in just over a month. So much preciousness in three tiny humans!

After church on Mother's Day, we prepped some food for having our parents and my sister over later on that evening. Then, I headed out for the pre-natal massage Luke got me for Christmas. And it was amazing. They had a pillow for the massage table with a hole for the belly, and just laying "on" my stomach felt amazing. It's been years since I've had any kind of massage, but being pregnant and having one was just about perfect. Then I came home to our families and Luke grilling delicious food- definitely a good day!

Last week was busy with our last MOPS meeting, watching James and Holden, taking a meal to a friend, meeting friends for lunch and play time at the mall, two doctors appointments, and of course school. But MOPS is over now, this is the last week of school, and then most of our obligations will be gone. I am definitely looking forward to some slower mornings, spending time with the biggest littles before baby comes, and soaking in our last summer before Noelle is gone for school 5 days a week!

The weather was really warm last week (upper 80s, low 90s), so we took our first trip to the Snowball Stand, where they both got the strawberry flavored ice. And spilled about 50 percent of it on the ground, themselves, and on me.

And of course we had to grab an after church picture!

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