Saturday, May 6, 2017

First Week of May!

The first week of May was a busy one with prepping for a special MOPS lunch, our Eldersburg MOPS meeting, MOPS leadership team meeting, CPC MOPS meeting, the usual Pre-K, watching Holden and James, a few doctor's appointments, all with vacation prep thrown in for good measure. I've had a couple of nights with little sleep thanks to a congested nose and some lovely insomnia.

But it's the weekend now, and we're in the Outer Banks for a few days with Luke's family. Hopefully we can get some rest and relaxation!

After Holden woke up from his nap, he got some snuggle time with Noelle and Jonah. All three thought it was so fun laying together on Noelle's bed, and Holden almost always seems to wake up happy from his naps (at least once he's rescued from the pack'n'play.)

On Tuesday, I was able to sleep in for a little, workout, and then take the littles straight to Dunkin for a breakfast treat. All while they were dressed in their PJs. They have both started to eat just the frosting covered portion of their donuts, so I gladly eat the rest. :)

As one of the MOPPETS leaders for CPC MOPS this past year, my co-leader and I were in charge of the thank you lunch for our MOPPETS workers (aka the people who love on all the kids during our meetings.) My mom and I got most of the food at BJs earlier in the week, and there were about 50 people (including kids) at the lunch, which we had directly after our Thursday morning MOPS meeting this week. I think it went well, and I hope our MOPPETS workers felt loved and appreciated. We definitely could not have MOPS without them!

After the lunch, I took the kids to my mom's so I could go for an OB appointment and ultrasound. The ultrasound was first, and baby was measuring about two weeks behind. The nurse practitioner I saw for my appointment afterwards wanted me to go see a perinatal doctor that afternoon, but the places she was trying to get me into didn't have any availability. Instead she got me an 8 a.m. appointment for Friday morning, and she had me do a non-stress test (NST) before I left. Baby and I were hooked up for about 20 minutes, and everything was good.

Friday morning, I drove through pouring rain to get to my appointment, where the sonographer looked at baby for about 40 minutes, taking measurements of baby, measuring fluids, and looking at blood flow. Fluids and blood flow looked good, but baby was measuring small (just like the day before) so the doctor there is having me come in for a biophysical profile next week, and then another growth sono the week after. We went through this with Noelle, so I'm trying not to worry, but it was later on in the pregnancy with her. Baby is measuring in the 6th percentile, and if he/she gets down to the 5th percentile, there's a chance we could be looking at delivering baby at 37 weeks to see if we can get baby growing better on the outside.

I'm praying baby has a nice little growth spurt and we won't have to worry about this anymore. But in the meantime, I'm paying a lot of attention to all the rolls, pokes, and movement this babe is making! And enjoying a break from our usual while we hang out at the beach!

The three year old was too busy for pictures!

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