Friday, February 6, 2015

Chick Fil A and Bath Time

My new favorite thing this month is Chick Fil A.  Twice, we've already been twice this week.  And the free coffee this month is a perk, but mainly, I go for the play place.  I have got to get on that and find what other local places have a play place.  On Monday we went for a late afternoon snack, and as I was loading us up in the car to leave, I texted my friend to see if she wanted to meet us there the next day for lunch.  Yummy food and a warm place to get out some energy.

this girl loves herself some waffle fries

I try to bathe our children every other day (okay, sometimes it's more like every three days), and I try to time it so the bath is done right about the time Luke is getting home from work.  Luke is only home for about an hour before Jonah goes to bed, so I want him to have some fun time with Jonah rather than dealing with all the craziness of bathing.

On Wednesday, bath time was going quite swimmingly.  Just the usual of Jonah moving around constantly and Noelle saying "no, Jonah!" over and over again as he constantly tried to invade her personal bubble.  I got them soaped up and scrubbed down, and then decided to let them play for as long as things were peaceful.  Mostly, it was Noelle using her bathtub crayons, and me sitting Jonah back down every time he pulled himself up along the edge of the bath tub.

little stinker!

I saw Jonah grip the edge of the tub and it looked like he was getting ready to pull up again, but no, instead, he started to poop!  Cue panic mode of trying to figure out what to grab first!  I pulled him out and plopped him on a towel in our room, all while exclaiming "ew, ew, ew!", which thankfully made Noelle more than willing to get out instead of wanting to stay in to keep playing.  I wrapped her in a towel, grabbed Jonah, and got a diaper on him as quickly as possible.

I have heard of other people's kids doing this, but never in Noelle's 2.5 years has she ever done it! I'm going to partially chalk it up to Jonah being a boy- I mean it did involve poop, and from what I hear, being a mom of a boy will involve lots of poop and farts.  Luke got home shortly after every one was safely diapered and back downstairs, and Noelle was quick to tell him that Jonah pooped in the tub.

I seriously love life with kids!

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