Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Sickies

I know it's all a part of parenthood, but for three weeks straight now one or both of our kids have been sick. We are so ready for spring and consistent healthiness!

It's constantly "wipe my nose!", and the battle of getting Noelle to take the cough/cold medicine. Some days she's right on board with taking it, other days, not so much.

And I'm pretty sure poor Jonah has been sick almost every month of his life. So much for breastfed babies being healthier than formula fed babies. Or maybe that's negated by having an older sibling. And the poor boy is also teething up a storm and does not wake up happy. But he's still got the super cute thing going for him. And I don't want to jinx it, but he's slept completely through the night for four nights in a row now.  Of course, since sickie Noelle ends up in our bed almost every night, my sleep hasn't been any more restful.

To some extent we've been avoiding public places because I don't want to be that mom who brings her coughing, snotty kids out in public. But I can only be contained for so long. Cabin fever sets in and even Jonah is ready to break out! We went to my mom's house for an afternoon and we go to Chick Fil A on days when the runny noses haven't been too horrible.

I guess one benefit to being stuck at home is we seem to mostly have Noelle potty trained. She hasn't had an accident in a few days and I've even risked taking her out to public places with no diaper or pull-up, and so far, so good! It's still a battle some mornings to convince her to wear underwear, but Aunt Heather bought her some Frozen characters underwear so hopefully that will get her more excited!  But it seems to have clicked and she's been consistently good about telling me when she needs to use the potty.

I've also started contributing the occasional blog post to MomQuery, including one about Noelle's speech delay and one about some of our favorite bath time toys. I don't consider myself much of a writer but it's fun to use my brain in a different capacity and write about motherhood and babies!

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