Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heart Everything!

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll it again: holidays are even more fun once you have kids!  There's just something fun about celebrating a baby's first holiday and seeing the excitement of little things through a child's eyes.

We have two little sickies over here, and Noelle did not sleep well on Friday night.  She ended up in our bed and was coughing quite a bit.  Jonah was nice to me and didn't wake up till 8 on Saturday morning, and Noelle woke up at 10, just in time for Jonah to go down for a nap.  Luke was up before everyone (this never happens!) and greeted me with roses.  Definitely a pleasant way to start my Valentine's day.

Luke's mom gave us a Wine Country gift basket for Valentine's day, which was packed with yummy breakfast things- pancake mix, coffee, hot chocolate, shortbread cookies, and other deliciousness.  I attempted to make heart shaped pancakes, but they looked more like odd shaped blobs and were not picture worthy.  But they were super delicious!

When Noelle finally made her way downstairs, she saw the roses and wanted one for herself. Luke picked a thorn-less one out from the bunch and gave it to her, which she proudly paraded around with.  And then promptly broke.  But we saved the day and stuck it back in with the rest of the roses, and gave her a different one in her own little vase.  For lunch, I made Noelle her usual peanut butter sandwich and used a cookie cutter to make it shaped like a heart.  She thought it was pretty amazing, and requested another heart shaped one today.

so proud of her own rose

In the afternoon we braved the cold and made a quick trip out to Walmart (where we bought a heart shaped balloon for Noelle), and then drove around for a little while.  It wasn't super exciting, but we got home in time for Jonah to take a second nap, and then ordered our traditional Valentine's day pizza.  We ordered from a small family run pizza place, so it wasn't heart shaped like the one we got from Papa John's for a previous Valentine's day, but I love pizza no matter the shape!

my littlest Valentine

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