Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heart Shaped Cookies and Chick Fil A (Again)

Earlier this week, as part of our Valentine's week fun, Noelle and I spent the time during Jonah's morning nap making heart shaped sugar cookies. I went the lazy mom route and we used a store bought mix that just required adding butter and an egg, which she gladly "helped" stir.  I eventually gave her a little bowl with flour in it that she could mix to her heart's content.

She helped me put flour on the counter and cover our (freshly cleaned!) hands with flour to spread the dough and press down the heart shaped cookie cutter.  She loved doing it, though still has to learn the whole using your dough space effectively. Eventually we had cut out enough for our first batch to go in the oven.

Now, the next part requires a little back story.  Our kitchen faucet has been dripping for awhile.  Like constant dripping.  Over the weekend, Luke had determined that it was getting worse and decided to fix it.  He pulled up a video on YouTube that showed him how to do it and set to work. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned, and the cold water handle snapped off.  We laughed about it, and then he figured he would just use crazy glue to stick it back together as a quick fix until we have a chance to go out and look at new sinks.

Well, right as the timer was going off for the cookies, Noelle and I were at the sink washing her hands off.  I quickly shut off the water, but in my over-zealousness, snapped off the handle.  And the water was still running.  And at that exact moment, I heard Jonah crying to be rescued from his crib. I quickly pulled the cookies from the over, ran down to the basement to try to find a tool (no idea what I was looking for) to turn the water off, gave up on that, and ran up to get Jonah.  I tried calling Luke at work, but he didn't pick up, so I texted him, hoping he wasn't in the middle of something with his new boss.

Thankfully he texted me back and told me there was a knob under the sink that would turn the water off.  The water had probably only been running for maybe five minutes, but it seemed so much longer.  At least the crisis was averted!  And silly me thought it meant that all the water was turned off at the kitchen sink, not just the cold, and I spent the rest of the day washing Jonah's bottle in the bathroom upstairs. Definite blonde moment!

parfait time!

We also went to Chick Fil A yet again (and then again today with Grandma) and enjoyed a snack, free coffee, and play time in the little play area.  Noelle is wearing her Christmas dress because she had determined that it was her princess dress for the day, which was nice to have something else other than her Frozen characters princess dress, which is still very beloved.

serious Jonah watching all the kids play

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