Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Dear Luke,

Thank you for being such a great dad. For loving our kids and for working so hard for us. Thank you for letting me pursue my dream of being a stay at home mom.

Thank you for loving the Lord and for loving me more than our kids. For keeping me grounded when I'm frustrated or feeling discouraged. For wanting me even though my body has changed after having two kids and getting older.

I love how excited Noelle and Jonah are when you get home from work. How they both run to you while Jonah yell-screeches "DADA". (Of course, Jonah also yells "DADA" when he sees the cat, but I'm going to go ahead and claim this as his first word!) It makes my heart so happy watching them grab your legs in a giant hug. And how you happily comply when Noelle immediately asks to get on your shoulders or for you to lift her up high.

I always knew that you would be a fun dad, but since we've had kids, it's been neat to see just how much fun you have with them. Hearing the giggles and screams of two toddlers being thrown onto our bed over and over again, getting Noelle to laugh as you towel her off after a bath, singing to Jonah before bed. All of these things are so precious and I want to ingrain them in my heart for the days when they are grown and we'll look back and say "remember when..."

Parenting with you is certainly an adventure, and will probably be harder on our marriage than what we've experienced so far. But I don't ever doubt your love for me, and I pray that God gives us wisdom as we navigate what comes down the road. I love that we can look at each other and laugh when our child throws a fit because she wants me to make a grilled cheese sandwich with the bread and cheese that she's already (mostly) eaten. Or when we both say "Oh, Jonah" when he falls over for the 100th time.

Thank you for praying for our kids and for wanting them to know the Lord. And while we certainly aren't perfect in our walks with Him, He is perfectly holding on to each of our lives and is sovereign over all.

(thank you Mom W for the card idea!)

Thank you, Luke, for all that you do as a Daddy and husband! We love you!

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