Monday, June 15, 2015

Seven Years

In six days Luke and I will have been married for seven years. It always amazes me how much time has passed, and it feels surreal to say seven years ago we moved into our apartment, seven years ago we had all our friends and family come together to watch us make our vows to each other, seven years ago we went on our honeymoon. And yet so much has happened in the meantime- job changes, buying a house, vacations, and babies!

I am so incredibly thankful for God putting Luke in my life 15 years ago, and for how He orchestrated our story to be just so. I love Luke so much, and love that I get to grow old with him. I love that the base of our relationship is a friendship that has only gotten deeper as time has passed.

This past weekend Luke and I had the opportunity to go away to celebrate our anniversary. This was the first time we've been able to get away to celebrate for a few years, and it was perfect! We slept in (which looks like the super late hour of 7 a.m. for me), ate lots of delicious food, laid in our hotel room watching way more t.v. than we've probably watched in the last year, and hung out with his sister, Hannah, and her husband, Josh.

My mom had offered to take the kids for a weekend so that we could get away, and with Father's Day being next weekend (also our actual anniversary date) and Luke's younger sister, Ruth coming into town, we decided to go away this past weekend. We headed down to Charlottesville, VA to visit with Hannah and Josh, explore the little town, and not be too far away from the kids in case things were not going well (though I'm pretty sure my mom wouldn't have told us even if it was).

We ended up staying on the campus of UVA at the business school- it seems like the hotel (Inn at Darden) was probably run by students. We had a nice hotel room for a decent price, and only a short drive to the attractions downtown. I could easily walk out the door to run, and we were super close to The Park, which was basically a football field with two smaller fields on either side and a path surrounding it. I ran both mornings, and then walked around some knowing that Luke would still be sleeping.

Hannah took us to lunch on Saturday down at The Mall, where we ate delicious dumplings at Marco & Luca. It was fun catching up with Hannah, and then later on that evening, Josh and Hannah took us to a fancy (for us) Italian restaurant called Travinia. It was delicious, and we capped it off with fresh donuts from Duck Donuts, which was right next door.

After another great night of sleep and a leisurely morning, we met Hannah and Josh back at The Mall to each brunch at The Nook. I had a scrumptious egg and veggie wrap with fresh berries on the side, and of course Luke made sure his meal included bacon. And then we just had to finish off with dessert so we headed to Sweethaus for cupcakes- so good and I love that they have a play area for kids. I'm pretty sure I would be going there on a regular basis if we lived there!

I think they did just fine without us!

It was such a great weekend, and the perfect mix of downtime, being able to do what we wanted without worrying about kids, visiting with family, delicious food, and celebrating us. The 'us' that we had before kids. The 'us' that has grown and changed, but are still so happy to be with one another (sappy much?) and continue in life's adventures TOGETHER!

Happy SEVEN years!

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