Saturday, June 6, 2015

We Can Try

One of the things I love about having a toddler who talks, is hearing the things that come out of her mouth. Sometimes they are completely random, sometimes she's just straight up repeating what one of us said, and sometimes it's still not completely clear what she is trying to say. (Example: The other day we saw some cats when we were out walking, and Noelle said "Zoe's a bish" - the B-word is not a word that we use, so we had no idea what she meant!)

She has a few things that she likes to say on repeat, and one of her favorites is "We can try!" If there is ever something she really wants to do, "we can try!" is what she says.

Me: We have to wait till Jonah wakes up from his nap before we go to the play ground because we can't leave him by himself.
Noelle: We can try!

Me: No more Strawberry Shortcake right now.
Noelle: We can try!

Me: Jonah can't do that yet because he's too little.
Noelle: We can try!

One of her other favorites is "We can buy some." Clearly there is no comprehension of money, but this is her response to anything we don't have, If we run out of a particular food- "We can buy some!" If someone else has a toy we don't have- "We can buy some!" And the best- when changing Jonah's diaper and explaining that we have different body parts, "We can buy some!" Um, no, definitely not!

She is definitely reaching the "threenager" stage as I've heard it called. It seems like there is a fight almost every day about what she wants to wear (always a princess dress!), and it scares me to think what ages 13 and up will look like! I'm definitely praying for a lot of wisdom on how to handle it all without going crazy myself.

But I do love seeing her grow and watching her gain more confidence. I love that she loves to jump in and play with others. She is definitely the big sister and we hear a lot of "No, Jonah, no!" And she is also a great little tattle-tale when Jonah is doing something she knows he shouldn't be doing. But it's adorable to watch her hug him, and see the two of them laugh together. Not much beats my littles' laughter!

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