Friday, June 12, 2015

Strawberry Picking

Yesterday we had our first play date outing with our CPC MOPS group to go strawberry picking! Aside from the fact that Noelle thought it was fun for about the first three minutes, and Jonah was cranky before we even left the house, it ended up being a lot of fun! I did not think things through and dressed Jonah in a mostly white onsie, which was covered in red before we were done. And I'm not quite sure how many strawberry stems he ended up eating.

These are the types of adventures I want our summer to be full of. I remember going strawberry picking when I was a kid, and then coming home and making home made ice cream to eat with our strawberries. Even though they are both still little, I want to make sure we're doing these things so that they just become a part of all our summers.

After we were done picking our three pounds of berries, we headed over to the main part of the farm to find the animals. They weren't in their usual spot, but one of the employees directed us to the field near the lake to find them. The kids loved seeing the goats and alpacas, and of course Noelle kept sticking her hands through the fence trying to feed them leaves. We attempted a few group pictures of all the kids, but of course no one was looking, and some munchkins just did not want to be in the picture.

Outings like this remind me that my kids are small for only so long. One day they'll be old enough to complain about doing things with mom, or being bored, but for now I'll embrace the excitement and fun that they see in these adventures.  It also reminded me that building these relationships with other moms is just so good for my heart. I love how much the mom friends I have build one another up, and I'm so encouraged by how they each love on their children.

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