Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sweet Summertime

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer, and we are loving it! The kids in our county have their last day of school this Friday, so we only have a few more mornings left of having my friend's kids come over. Maybe I'll let myself sleep in a little later since Jonah is older, and can maybe keep himself occupied while I shower after I run (and by keep himself occupied, he usually stands next to the shower pulling the curtain back and pushing things into the tub while I get clean as quickly as I can.)

After we walk back from the bus stop, I usually grab my reheated coffee and sit outside on the front step while Noelle and Jonah play for a little while. Jonah, as always, loves being outside and loves going over to our neighbors house and walking up and down their three front steps. Noelle, meanwhile, is busy making sure that Jonah comes no where near her toys. ( And that cup of coffee I reheated- almost never gets finished because Jonah often comes and grabs my hand to pull me to wherever he is going.)

I want to be adventurous with the kids this summer- try new playgrounds, find kid friendly activities we've never done before, and just make lots of memories. All this while of course not spending a ton of money. There is a local county park with a lake, trails, playgrounds, and nature center that I'm thinking about getting a membership for. I took the kids two weeks ago and they loved the playgrounds and wandering down by the lake. I feel like if we got the pass, it would be a good place to head to at least once a week, and a fun place to go with daddy on the weekends to have picnics.

I foresee us spending lots of time with family and friends as well. I know everyone will be taking vacations and be summertime busy, but having time with one another is just so sweet. I am all about making memories and building (or starting new!) relationships. This past weekend we had some good hang out time with our one Bible study group, and as always it was fun to watch Noelle play with her friend Lillian. The two of them are going to be trouble!

And of course just time as our little family of four. Luke is hoping to one day be able to work from home on Fridays, and it would be awesome to start our weekends right at 5:00. Pool time in the backyard, cooking out, watching our kids grow, vacation- so many blessings already. All I can say is, God is good!

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