Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Last week we met some friends for a fun Cinderella program at the library. I had snapped a picture of the flyer when I first saw it back in December, and when I was scrolling through my pictures on our drive back from Hershey, I remembered to register Noelle for it. And told a few friends who I thought would enjoy it as well!

Noelle woke up ready to go to the library right away, and put on her Cinderella dress. Jonah was a bit cranky (we're working on some anger issues!), and then Noelle was getting impatient, so by the time 9:30 rolled around, I was ready to say forget it, and let them both sit in their rooms! BUT I knew it would be better for all of us if we got out of the house, and we had friends coming from a different county to meet us at "our" library.

Cinderella dress wearing at the mall
We went right to the train table at the library so Jonah could play for a little bit, and met one of our friends as we waited for the show to start. Once the time came, we followed everyone (including multiple little girls dressed in princess dresses!) into the room. The two women leading the program showed the kids different Cinderella books with multiple variations of the story, and then they did a puppet show of Cinderella with an assortment of animals playing the characters.

As soon as the puppet show started Jonah stood up, and started throwing a fit when I tried to get him to sit down. I didn't want him blocking anyone's view and gave up trying to get him to sit, so we headed to the back of the room. And then he started getting cranky there, so we went out to the lobby. He and I missed most of the puppet show, and I'm kicking myself for not bringing fruit snacks (his current most favorite thing!) to keep him occupied. But Noelle loved it and I'm pretty sure she had no idea I even left the room. (I also took NO pictures because I was dealing with Jonah!)

After it was over we all headed to Chick Fil A for lunch and some fun in the play place. I did almost leave when Jonah got angry and started throwing his chicken because I cut it up into smaller pieces. And Noelle wouldn't listen when I told her to finish her chicken before eating french fries. It was a fun morning, but it's also obvious I have two toddlers with strong wills of their own. I'm so thankful for my friends being understanding, and for walking alongside me in this motherhood journey!

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