Sunday, January 31, 2016

Twinning is Winning

We ran to Target on Friday to get diapers, and of course I wound up walking through the Junior's and Women's clothing departments. And inevitably got sucked into the sale racks. BUT I found two sweaters that were less than $6.00 each. One of them is camo print, and the big draw for buying it was because I could match Jonah! (hashtag cool mom)

I mean, who wouldn't want to match their child?

And not only did I match him (after I purposely washed his camo shirt so we could be twins the very next day), I matched Noelle on Thursday. My sister bought us matching sweaters from Old Navy for Christmas, and I finally convinced Noelle to wear hers.

I knew she'd be a tough cookie to convince since she has a thing against long sleeves. Thankfully she was willing to wear it as long as we rolled up the sleeves. And she was so excited to match, she convinced me to wear our matching Toms, even though it was entirely too cold to not wear boots.

I hope I can pull off this whole being twins with my kids for a long time. I mean, Noelle will still want to do it when she's 13, right?

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