Friday, January 29, 2016

Mall Adventuring

Last Thursday, before the impending blizzard was scheduled to arrive, I took the kids out for one last adventure before we got stuck at the house. I know Jonah, and I know myself, and he and I especially need time not spent at home. I packed us a lunch, and we headed out to a local mall. The kids got to play in the little play area, we sat down and ate our lunches, we took a ride on the carousel, and then grabbed a treat at Panera before heading home. We ran into two different friends from church, including one with a beautiful brand new baby girl!

There is also a spot at the mall that has a couple of those quarter rides, but I never put money in them. Noelle and Jonah LOVE it though, and will just get in and out of the different rides, and push all the buttons. Even though they see other kids actually riding the rides, they don't ever push the issue when I tell them I don't have any quarters (which is actually usually true!)

Lunch was turkey and cheese sandwiches, which is a current food in the rotation that they will eat (protein, yay!). We also had cheese balls that I had picked up at the grocery store because Jonah exclaimed "balls!" when he saw them. And I knew Luke would enjoy them. The giant container is now hidden out of sight and have been forgotten about (possibly by everyone except me...)

Luke and I always question whether we should bring a stroller when we take the kids places. Rarely do they stay in it, but I like to have it at the mall so that they have the option to sit, and so that I have somewhere to store the diaper bag and coats. And sometimes, it's necessary to strap a cranky, non-cooperative Jonah in and rush through the mall to our car.

After the carousel, they both decided they wanted to walk, and I encouraged them to hold hands so that they would at least stick together. They both are pretty good about wanting to hold hands and I snapped some pictures as I walked (very s l o w l y) behind them. I love that they have each other, And it makes my heart so happy when Noelle says that Jonah is her best friend (granted, she also says that about Roxy, my parent's dog, and total strangers she meets at the play ground.)

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