Friday, January 22, 2016


This past Monday was Martin Luther King day, and it was a fun treat to have Daddy home with us! We planned for a fun relaxed day together with some fun thrown in for the kids. After a treadmill run (I've only run outside three times since the beginning of the year!), Luke and I did a 21 day fix workout (plyometrics is so much jumping!) with the kids running around us. Which involved lots of distracting them with goldfish and fruit snacks so that we wouldn't step on them. Parenting win right there!

We received a promotional from Chick Fil A for a His and Her free breakfast entree for January, February, and March, so we planned to head over once we were all showered and dressed so that we could get our breakfast and let the kids play for a bit. We got there around 10:40 and they were all out of breakfast foods! So sad! We contemplated leaving, but a) I knew Noelle would be upset if we left without some play time, and b) I was going to start getting hangry if I didn't get some food and caffeine soon! So we had a super early lunch, and it was delicious, as always! (Seriously, in the past 8 days, I've had CFA three times, and I'm not even close to getting tired of it.)

One of the employees, who has to recognize me and the kids by now, came over and discreetly asked me if we wanted ice cream for the kids. I figured why not- it would add to the fun. We hadn't ordered kids meals, so she brought over two kids meal books and I went and exchanged them for ice cream. What blessed, super sugared kids we have!

After playing for awhile, we had a surprisingly drama free trip to the grocery store to get our shopping out of the way, and then headed home to play. Jonah napped, Noelle watched some t.v., and then Aunt Lyd came over and cooked us some yummy Asian curry dinner. And then Lyd and I watched the first two episodes of season six of Downton Abbey while enjoying some ice cream. All in all, a fun family day!

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