Monday, January 25, 2016

Jonas Weekend Fun

This past weekend, Maryland got slammed with Jonas, one of the biggest blizzards in recorded history. And thankfully we all survived being shut in the house together for way too long!

being princesses together
Friday morning I took the kids to a Frozen event at the library, but similar to the morning of the Cinderella event, the littles were driving me bananas. After threatening to not go (empty threat because I needed out of the house for a bit before we were trapped!), we eventually got ourselves out the door to the library. There were quite a few little girls dressed as Elsa and Anna, which Noelle fixated on and complained that she didn't have a princess dress on. But once we got into doing all the crafts (Elsa and Anna puppets! a sparkly snowflake! and more!) she was a lot happier. Noelle was not a big fan of the hot chocolate, but Jonah had a chocolate mustache after chugging his down!

Luke's parents and Lydia picked up Chick Fil A and came over for lunch. Luke was working from home so we all got to enjoy one last social hurrah before the snow started. My sister also came to hang out for a bit and left soon after the flakes started falling. (And after a local policeman stopped outside looking at our cars still parked on the street.)

I don't know the official amount for our area, but I think we got a bit over two feet of snow from the time it started falling on Friday afternoon through the early A.M. on Sunday. Luke did some shoveling on Saturday, and then spent quite a few hours digging us out on Sunday once the snow stopped and the sun was shining.

We watched movies, made some yummy treats, and did some crafts. The kids went out for a little while on Saturday while it was still snowing, but Noelle didn't last too long. Jonah sat outside and ate the snow while Luke shoveled, and continued to eat it when we brought some inside to play with in the kitchen. After playing outside on Sunday, Jonah was more than ready to come inside after he lost his boot in the snow and got hit in the face with the shovel.

Today is a snow day (a.k.a NO SCHOOL!), and Luke is working from home again so it feels like the weekend has been extended. We've been playing with the neighbors and keeping ourselves busy!

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