Friday, July 29, 2016

Some Screenshots

So back in June I finally remembered how the screenshot function on my phone worked and screenshotted (is that a real word?) a bunch of things, starting with a couple of bacon related shirts that I was looking at on to buy for Luke as an anniversary gift (I know, super romantic!)

I ended up with this one: "Pigs are more than just bacon! they're also ham, pork chops, carnitas, ribs, pulled pork..."

But I also liked this one:

On Chick Fil A's cow appreciation day, I sent a picture to Luke of the kids and me dressed up as cows, and his silly response made me smile.

There are so many memes going around Facebook and Instagram, and when I saw this one, I laughed out loud and showed it to Luke. Some nights, that is so the truth for us! In the last two weeks especially, as we've transitioned Noelle to (finally!) going to sleep in her own bed, rather than with me.

My sister Heather was due this past Monday with her baby boy, and I texted her this picture the other day. She is SO ready to have him, and I'm SO excited to see his sweet face and hold my very first nephew!

Two Sundays ago, my friend Megan and I did a duathlon as a relay team. We had signed up for this months ago, and every now and then we'd be like, oh yeah, we have that race in July. The week leading up to it, I kept forgetting about it and about the fact that I would need to go pick up my race packet. Even the night before the race, I told someone I would see them at church the next day- I was definitely not in the race zone. Race day was sunny and hot, but thankfully started at 7 a.m. with a 2 mile run for me, then a 26 mile bike ride for Megan, and then 4 mile run for me. We ended up being the first female/female team (I think out of 4- ha!) and got a drinking glass as our award. We both had fun, and the best part is that Megan texted me a week later asking if I possibly wanted to do another one. Getting her hooked so we can go to races together and each do our favorite part!

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