Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grandma Lovin'!

Thankfully we live close to both my mom and mother-in-law.  When I went back to work for about a year and a half after Noelle was born, both grandmas watched her on the three days that I was at work.  It made me feel 100 times more comfortable knowing that she was with her grandmas and getting to have that special time with them.  I love that Noelle knows them and has no problem going to them whenever we see them! And I hope that Jonah can build close relationships with them as well.

Nana and newborn Noelle

My mom goes by Nana, and as my mom, I go to her for so much!  When Noelle tripped, hit her head, and got a giant goose egg, I immediately called her asking what I should do.  When she had a high fever, I texted her asking if I should call the pediatrician.  Last week when Luke was out of town for two nights and Noelle was sick, she came over to give Noelle a bath and get her ready for bed while I fed Jonah.  It's no joke having a newborn and a toddler!  People from church, college friends, my neighbor, and more have all said that Noelle looks just like my mom- her own little mini-me.  She is amazing and I appreciate her so much!

Grandma and newborn Jonah

My mother-in-law is also amazing and incredibly giving of her time!  She clearly loves her grandkids and spoils them as all grandmas should.  She's always offering to watch them so that Luke and I can go grab dinner or have some time together.  She's pulled out old toys from when her 5 kids were little, and Noelle now has her own little table and chair set, as well as her own homemade play oven all at grandma's house.  Not to mention the fun little corgi to play with and loud bird to watch!

Noelle and Jonah are the first grandkids on both sides of the family, and I love the love that our families have for them!
Noelle and Jonah on the day he was born.
(photo taken by my sister, Heather)

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