Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Beginning of The Terrible Twos

From the girl with very few words.

Conversation this morning as I was drying my hair in the bathroom:

Me: Hey Noelle, can you please pick up this book and put it back where it belongs?

Noelle (looking right at me): No.

Me: Noelle, I need you to listen to mommy and please put this book back.

Noelle (shaking her head): No.

Me: Come pick up the book and put it away.

Noelle: No.

Me: Noelle, please come here and pick up the book.

And she did! (And put it away after I showed her exactly where to put it.) :)

Only about two weeks till her second birthday and just this week we've started to say 'no'! The fun is just beginning! :)

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