Friday, June 13, 2014

Jonah: 1 Month Update

Even though Jonah is now 7 weeks, I want to post his one month update on the bloggy blog.
May 23, 2014

Jonah is 1 month old!  Cannot believe how fast that month went by. And at the same time it seems like he's been with us way longer than that!

At his appointment yesterday he weighed in at 8 pounds even- and I am so glad he did because it feels like he eats 20 out of the 24 hours in a day and I was hoping he would have something to show for it. (Of course he also peed on me as we walked down the hall from the scale to the exam room so he may have lost a few ounces :).) Dr. Frankel was pleased with his weight and height gain (21 inches) and said that we could definitely just let him keep sleeping if he was sleeping longer than 3 or 4 hours at night (which he's not).  She said he has really good neck control for a one month old, and that he also really strong in general and will probably roll over sooner than some babies.

Sleep: Usually he gives a 3, sometimes 4 hour, stretch from the time I finish up a feed, which I try to time to be done around 9 so that I can go to bed.  So usually he has another feeding at 12 or 1, and then it's all over the place from there.  Sometimes he likes to wake up an hour after I finish that feed, sometimes he'll be up for 2 hours, and on occasion he'll give me a 2 hour stretch of sleep.  And then usually he's up between 5:30 and 7 for another feed, after which I usually try to go down to the basement and walk on the treadmill. During the day he seems to have a good awake time in the mornings, where he's pretty alert and is sometimes content to just take in what's going on around him, and sometimes constantly eating.  He'll take a decent nap in the late morning and sometimes in he afternoon.  Around 5, he's usually alert and wanting to eat on and off for the next few hours.

Eating: Still not on any kind of schedule.  He likes to eat a lot and some days, I just turn the tv on for Noelle and sit on the couch to feed him almost constantly!  Sometimes there is only an hour between feeds, sometimes less, and sometimes he'll go 3 hours between eating.  Some days I pump, but I'm not super consistent with it, but at this point we don't really need the pumped milk (though I have given him a few bottles just to give my boobs a break!)  Also, this past week has probably been the turning point where I feel like I'm actually ok with breastfeeding.  His latch is so much better, and even though he doesn't suck as hard on the left side, he is getting something out of it, and obviously enough from both sides based on his weight gain.

Diapers/Clothing: Still in newborn diapers, and wearing his newborn sized clothing. The 0-3 month and 3 month clothing is still big, but I put it on him because that's what we have.

Social/Milestones: He has definitely been more alert in the last two weeks.  He will be alert and looking around for extended periods of time.  For example, this morning when I was on the treadmill for 45 minutes, he was awake the whole time.  He cried for a few minutes, but calmed down once I picked him up.  He still takes hour long naps during the day, but is usually awake during his feedings and afterwards for a little while.  Makes some eye contact, but not a lot, and haven't seen a smile yet!

Likes: Eating, eating, eating!  He does well in a swaddle, but I don't think he loves the act of being swaddled.  Will sometimes take a pacifier as he loves to suck (and sometimes he just sucks on me!)

Dislikes: Getting his diaper changed, getting a bath, getting his clothes changed, being hungry.

Fun things we did: We went to his first restaurant: Oscars (a bar/restaurant in Eldersburg).  My cousin Mark was in town when Jonah was 10 days old, so we went out to eat with my whole family.  Jonah did pretty well and slept most of the time that we were there. We celebrated my second Mother's Day ever, and went over to my parent's house for a cookout where we were joined by my sister's in-laws.  We also went up to Grandma and Grandpa Wiedeman's to celebrate Luke's mom's birthday and Mother's day the weekend after Mother's day.  And we went to the Main Street festival in Laurel, MD (where I grew up) with my dad, and also met up with Joseph Woodring.

my cousin, Mark with Jonah

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