Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two Under Two

When Luke and I were dating and talking seriously about the future, our conversations involved talking about how many children we would have some day.  Him being one of five and me being one of four, we figured we would have 4 or 5 kids.  We both love coming from bigger families.  Luke and I both have many fond memories of our childhoods, and enjoy the relationships we now have with our adult siblings.

We were married for about 2 1/2 years before we agreed that it was time to start trying for a baby.  And by agreed, I mean I really wanted to get pregnant and Luke said he felt like he would never be ready so we might as well move forward with that plan.  Nine (what felt like long) months later, we got pregnant with Noelle.

Noelle meeting Jonah for the first time

We always knew that kids were expensive, but once you have one, you really start to understand just how much money you spend on them.  And I'm sure at this point we don't even realize how much more expensive they get!  Luke and I were both able to graduate college debt free, and that was such a great way to start our lives and marriage.  We decided, based on the Lord's provision, that we wanted to pay for our kids' college educations.  So then we started talking about only having two kids.  Now that we've had two, we know we want to have a third, but obviously it all depends on the Lord's plan for our family!

helping Jonah with tummy time

I also knew that I wanted to have my kids close together, so after Noelle was born, I was fine with not waiting long to get pregnant again.  In reality, this was another time in my life when I had to trust God's timing because it wasn't happening as quickly as I wanted it to!  But finally, when Noelle was 13 months old, we got pregnant with Jonah.

And now my littles are 22 months apart, and it has been a blast!  Certainly not easy, but I love it.

In only 5 days my baby girl will be 2! Hard to believe, but I'm loving this age.  And I'm definitely looking forward to watching the relationship grow between Noelle and Jonah as they get older!

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