Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jonah: 2 Month Update

Happy 2 Months to my little man!

photo by Heather Boockholdt

Height and Weight: At his appointment today he weighed 10 pounds 13 ounces (29%) and was 22.8 inches (43%). Doctor was happy with his growth!! :)

He didn't love being poked and prodded, and definitely hated his shots, but overall he did great. I scooped him up as soon as the shots were done and cuddled him (I need the cuddles as well!). After about a minute of crying I was able to put him in the carseat and carry him out with no more crying.  The rest of the day he's been crying more than normal, but I'm just enjoying the extra snuggle time.

Sleep:  This past week Jonah has been sleeping so much better at night!  He even went a six hour (8:30-2:30) stretch one of the nights.  I woke up at one point and looked at the time and realized it had been awhile and freaked out a little.  But no, he was still breathing! He's been doing 4 and 5 hour stretches, going down usually between 9 and 10, and then waking up between 2 and 2:30.  Then he'll sleep for a few more hours and usually wake up between 5 and 6.  After he turned a month old, he started to give me just two wake ups, usually around 12:00 and then another around 3:30.  It's definitely been great having more sleep at night!

Sleep during the day has become more of a problem in the last week.  He has been super cranky and fussy, and I don't know if it's just a growth spurt or tummy problems or what, but he is not a happy camper.  I have discovered that he falls asleep in the Ergo when I put that on and walk around, so at least he does that.  And sometimes when he's tired enough, he'll fall asleep in my arms and I can sometimes transfer him to the swing.  I just hope that the crankiness goes away!  I miss the content little guy!

Eating:  He has been eating more often in the last week, which also makes me think he's having a growth spurt.  But also, I tend to just feed him when he's fussing... He's been probably eating every two hours, and in the evenings especially from 4ish to 9ish, he's fussy and I just keep feeding him on and off.  But I figure I'm tanking him up for the night that way!  It just makes it hard if we want to go anywhere because I have to be able to feed him.  Last Friday, he was having a good morning and actually napping in the swing.  I had fed him on the left side, but not the right, so I decided to pump for 10 minutes while he was still sleeping and got 5 ounces!  I have never gotten that much in one sitting, even with doing two sides! And I do have a few bags stored in the freezer for when we'll have someone watching the kids.

look at that belly!

Diapers/Clothing:  Just last week I packed up his newborn sized clothing!  (So sad!)  The sleepers were definitely too short, and the onsies were just getting hard to get over his head.  It seems crazy to me because Noelle wore newborn sized clothing until she was 3 months old!  He even seems to be filling out the 3 month clothing pretty well.  We also ran out of newborn sized diapers and decided to just use the size 1 diapers, and that was a good call- way fewer blowouts!

Social/Milestones:  He had his first smile! It was at the end of May and I was trying so hard to get him to smile.  I kept talking to him and smiling nice and big, and FINALLY, he gave me his adorable gummy smile back.  Now, I can usually get the smile when he's been freshly fed and stays content after a feeding.


Likes:  Loves eating. Does pretty well when he's getting a bath.  If he goes into the bath upset, pouring warm water over him seems to help calm him down.  He also enjoys being held so that he is facing out- just has to see everything going on around him.  And he loves his mommy and daddy smiling at him.

Dislikes: Definitely dislikes tummy time- and wails through pretty much most of it.  When he's on his tummy he'll twist his lower body so much that it seems like he's about to roll over!  Generally he dislikes being undressed and getting his diaper changed.

Fun things we did:  He had his first Memorial Day and we went with our little family up to Westminster to watch the parade, and then when and ate lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Then in the evening, we went over to Nana and Grandpa's house for a cookout.  He also had his first Father's day, and got spoiled with lots of time from grandparents. :)

We also made it to library time a few times, and Jonah was a good boy and slept the whole time.  We went to Jamie and Jackie's wedding celebration, where Jonah ate, slept, and got held.  And we had some play dates with friends!

Some more pictures from the past month:

Noelle taking care of Jonah

Picture by Jess (thanks!)

mommy and Jonah on Father's day

representing Colorado state

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