Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bedtime Routines

Our every day routine is always different and shifting as the kids grow, and especially as Jonah's feeding and sleeping habits change.

When we first brought Jonah home from the hospital, he slept in a bassinet in our room next to me.  And since I always knew I was going to get very little sleep, I always went to bed when he did.  Even if that meant an 8:00 bedtime.

Noelle in her Christmas pjs on Christmas morning

Since it always wound up being around the time of Noelle's bedtime, we ended up just letting her fall asleep in bed with me, and then Luke would move her to the crib when he came up to bed. Letting her fall asleep with me was partially for convenience, but I was also more emotional than I thought I would be about splitting my time between two kids, and most nights I liked having her as my snuggle buddy.

Once we came home from vacation in August, we decided it was time to transition her to her big girl room and into her big girl bed.  Well, let's just say one of us is still falling asleep with her every night.  And now it's in a twin size bed.  We've tried to leave her multiple times, but she just screams and screams, often to the point of puking on herself and her bed sheets.

Jonah's monkey pjs

At first it was me who would lay down with her.  I would feed Jonah and put him to bed (now in the crib in his own room), and then come lay down with her.  Often I would actually fall asleep and either wake up when Jonah cried to be fed, or just wake up on my own and make my way to my bed.  Jonah, however, is all over the place with his feedings in the evening now, and it will sometimes take nursing him on and off for an hour and a half before he falls asleep.  So now Luke either sits with her or lays down until she falls asleep, which since she's not napping anymore, is usually (but not always!) pretty quick.

Some evenings we're pretty blessed to get them down at a decent time and we actually get to spend some kid-less time together.  But for the most part, I'm still going to bed around 9 since Jonah has decided that multiple wake ups a night must continue.  Sometimes I really miss the days of watching endless Netflix and eating ice cream together!

love my littles in pjs!

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