Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The 15 Minute Saga of Yesterday

It was actually a pretty good day yesterday.  Jonah slept until about 9:30 (giving an almost 3 1/2 hour stretch, which is longer than most stretches he gives at night), allowing me to make and eat breakfast, take a shower, and get Noelle ready for the day.

He woke up happy, and both kids cooperated while we picked up a few things from the grocery store. Since they were still in a good mood while we were out, I decided to finally check out the local boutique that sells used baby clothes.  I ended up buying Jonah some things, including an adorable sweater vest!

waking up a happy Jonah

We got home, I nursed Jonah down for his nap, and then got Noelle and myself some lunch.  Then she and I got to spend some quality time together:  I painted our fingernails, we ran back and forth across the front yard over and over again, and read some books together before Jonah woke up.

The three of us played around the house for a bit, and then headed out for a stroller walk.  We were blessed with another beautiful day of blue skies and sunshine.  Noelle took a short nap in the stroller as I expected, and Jonah was content for most of the ride.  When we got home, Noelle played with our neighbor for a little while, and I tried to put Jonah down for another nap.  He fussed for a bit, but eventually went down.

at least someone has finally learned to not entirely hate the stroller

Luke got home a little after 6:00, and said we would need to go drop his car off to get his brakes replaced, and then suggested we grab some dinner while we were out.  (I think he just didn't want the spaghetti squash I had cooked up.)  He said he would head out ahead of me, so that the kids and I didn't have to sit around at the car place waiting too long.

So now the saga.

Once Luke left, I focused on getting the kids ready to head out.  Jonah was in a mood where being held was the only option to avoid a complete meltdown, which meant I needed to get them both ready one-handed.  I put a little jacket on him, and was trying to figure out what to put on Noelle.  She had just eaten black beans by the handful and had them smeared all over her face and shirt.

She hates having her face wiped, but we got that out of the way with minimal crying.  I wanted to put a little jacket on her, but didn't want to put it over the black bean covered shirt, and for some reason suggesting the Hello Kitty jacket in her closet set her off towards meltdown.  My solution was to take off said dirty shirt, and put a long sleeve shirt on.  Which she also hates having anything go over her head, and me doing it one handed took too long and freaked her out.  I got it on her on the second try by sitting in the chair in her room and squeezing her between my knees to keep her still.

not from yesterday, but black bean love right there

I started to head downstairs, but she started fussing and pointing to her closet.  With no nap, she doesn't try as hard to use words, but mostly grunts and points so I had no idea what she wanted. Eventually I figured out she wanted one of her sweaters on over her long sleeve shirt, so I managed to wrangle that on her one-handed.

We head downstairs (her crying "uppie, uppie", so I carry them both), and I get Jonah buckled into his carseat.  He immediately starts crying.  Noelle starts saying some word I can't understand and pointing upstairs (granted, she does have a cold, so it's harder to understand her already hard to understand words), and she takes off back up the stairs.

I follow her up, and realize she'd been saying "Simmy", her way of saying Sammy, which is the stuffed animal dog I loved well during my childhood and hangs out in my closet.  I tell her, sure, we can bring "Simmy".  As we're heading back down the stairs (again, "uppie, uppie"), she peers in the bathroom, and asks "Daddy?".  I tell her we're going to pick him up. "Daddy?  Daddy?"  All the way out to the car.

                                                            also not from yesterday, but boy do we love Daddy

And finally we head out, no shoes for Noelle.

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