Saturday, September 13, 2014

This Past Week

This past week was a special one for us!  My grandma and aunt and uncles from Seattle came to visit Maryland, and Jonah got to meet them all for the first time.  It had been about two years since they had last seen Noelle, so she was about 2 months old the last time they were here.  While we haven't been able to hang out with them a lot because of needing to put Jonah down for naps at home (high maintenance kid!), it's been fun watching them interact with both of the littles.

Jonah being held by his great-grandma (aka GG)

My dad grew up in Seattle and is the only one that moved to the East Coast so it's a rare treat to see our West Coast family.  I keep telling Luke we need to go out and visit since Luke has never been west of Texas. My one aunt couldn't make the trip this time and I know she would love to see the littles!

four generations- and as usual Noelle is too busy eating

We also had another speech therapy appointment this week.  At this point when I tell Noelle that her therapist is coming she gets excited, and this week she stood waiting at the window to watch for her.  This week they played with play-dough and read Good Night Moon, working on 2 syllable words and putting two words together.  We scheduled her 6 month assessment for October, and I'm definitely nervous about it. Some days I don't think about her speech much, but other times I realize how far behind she is and I worry so much about what the future holds for her.  It's definitely a continual lesson in learning to trust the Lord with the lives of my children.

waiting at the window

We had an absolutely beautiful beginning-of-fall day yesterday with clear blue skies, low humidity, and sunshine galore.  Jonah's been extra fussy the last few days (teething??), and I needed to get them out of the house.  So I strapped them in the stroller and we took off for a nice long walk.  Since I haven't run in almost 4 weeks, it was quite the workout pushing 50+ pounds around for over an hour.

Jonah crying and Noelle napping

And Luke and I finished off the work week with a quick date to Chipotle while Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Lydia watched their favorite children!

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  1. One thing you missed in this post: how you were an absolutely amazing encouragement to one of your friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I cannot tell you how perfect your timing was!