Friday, September 19, 2014

Introducing My Daughter, the Klepto

First, let me start by stating my strong dislike for the shopping carts with the cars attached to the front.  I find them SO hard to maneuver, and if I'm trying to weed my way through a clothing aisle at Target with one, I'm definitely on the verge of knocking things over.

The first time I ever used one was at the grocery store, and when I was pushing it back out to the car, I could not for the life of me get it to go over the speed bump in the parking lot.  Plus, Noelle doesn't always last the whole shopping trip sitting in it, and without the car weighted down a little bit, it makes it even harder to navigate.  Turning the cart around in an aisle at the grocery store doesn't work without doing a 10-point turn, so if I have to backtrack, I just walk backwards.

I could go on, but enough of my complaining about the cart Noelle insists we get whenever she sees one (why must they place them right out front for all to see?!).

 she's also sick, so excuse her looking out of it

Today I discovered a new problem.  We ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things, checked out, and headed out to the car.  I got everything unloaded and then pushed the cart back to the front of the store.  As I was pulling Noelle out of the car (since she insists she can't get out by herself), I noticed a newly opened pack of Mentos.

Awesome, my child just helped herself to some candy in the check-out aisle.

With her minimal speaking, or maybe it's a lack of understanding, I couldn't figure out for sure if she grabbed them, or if they had already been sitting in the car when we got there.  Either way, I explained to her that we can't just take things, but that we have to pay for them, and in the future to make sure she asks mommy if she wants something.

and she's already eaten most of them

I'm not sure how much a 2 year old understands, but at least it's a lesson for me to check her and the cart when we get to the store and when we leave.

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