Saturday, September 6, 2014

When Daddy's Away

I'm in Starbucks enjoying a Passion tea.  All. by. myself.

Luke has been out of town for the past 3 and a half days, and it started with a super rough day from the kids. Jonah just would not take a good nap but was clearly tired, and Noelle of course never naps.  I was exhausted, and when Jonah fell asleep around 5, I made Noelle lay down with me.  Of course that meant both were up and ready to party until 10.  BUT Thursday night and Friday night Jonah did not get up until 3-3:30 for a feeding!  It felt amazing!

littles partying at 10 p.m.

Let's just say we spent a few hours at my mom's on Friday and I think that helped all of us.  Noelle got a lot of one-on-one attention and I got to have some adult interaction!

Nana taking care of her grand-babies

Noelle hasn't figured out how to say Nana yet and calls her Nanny.  It's adorable!  And we managed to capture a picture of Jonah smiling while sitting in Noelle's Barney chair.


Today we were invited by a new neighborhood friend to come out to the ribbon cutting ceremony for a brand new playground in Sykesville.  Of course it was by far one of the hottest days we've had this summer, and they had a lot of people get up to speak delaying the kids from playing.  But finally they had all the kids come stand up behind the ribbon and do the ceremonial cutting!  Noelle had no idea what was going on, but was certainly ready to play!

she's too scared to actually go down by herself, so she just sat at the bottom

I tried to keep Jonah blocked from the sun as much as possible, but it was hard chasing Noelle around.  He did so well though- no fussing the entire time we were there.

sweating our faces off

And then Luke got home and sent me away!  Such a great husband- I love that he could tell that's what I needed without even asking.  We're all definitely happy he's home.

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