Saturday, September 27, 2014

God's Grace

This past week has certainly been a very grace filled week.

Last Saturday Luke's parents were in a bad car accident (van totaled), and his mom has been in shock trauma the whole week with six broken ribs, broken collar bone, and fractured vertebrae.  At this point it's undecided when she'll be released, as they are also concerned about an artery.  Once they do another CT scan, they'll decide if she needs surgery, or can be released to inpatient physical therapy.

 Noelle and grandparents during her first Christmas

We are so thankful that they are alive, and that each day his mom seems to be feeling a little bit better and stronger.  His dad is dealing with a lot of soreness, but thankfully no broken bones or heart problems.

Luke and his sister, Lydia, have been going to the hospital every evening to visit and take things to his parents.  I'm definitely thankful that they are able to go, but it has made for a long week of evenings and doing bedtime by myself.

Jonah and Grandpa

The biggest challenge with bedtime is Noelle not understanding what being quiet means.  It seems that any small noise will keep Jonah awake, and even Noelle walking around is loud.  (Mom confession: a few times I've resorted to turning on a movie to keep her out of the room, but I figure, I gotta do what I gotta do.)

I also decided to attempt potty training this week, with the plan being to not go anywhere for 2-3 days, and letting Noelle walk around the house in either underwear or nothing.  The first day it was a pretty even amount of times that she made it to the potty versus not, whereas the second day she seemed to have more accidents.  And on the morning of day three, she insisted upon wearing a diaper.  I'll take that as a sign that she's not quite ready.

proudly sitting on her potty

I know she's capable because she put herself on the potty a few times when I was putting Jonah down for naps.  But if there's no desire, it just doesn't seem worth pushing it.  I thought those two days at home would be very frustrating for me because of cleaning up messes and being stuck in the house, but God was so good, and for the most part, I was able to extend a lot of His grace towards my littles.

So even though it's been a scary week with the car accident, and not an easy week with the kids (does that exist?), God was definitely present, and I am so thankful I can rely on Him and His grace to get me through.  It's not always easy to acknowledge His grace in the day to day chaos, but He is there and I'm continually learning that I can turn to Him even over potty messes and finding peace in Him about not being a perfect mom.

Jonah and mama while Noelle does her thing

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