Thursday, October 30, 2014

Generosity of Friends

In my 6 month update on Jonah, I mentioned that we didn't have proper winter attire for him yet.  We have this adorable white snuggly from when Noelle was a baby, but it is size 3 months and definitely does not fit Jonah.

Noelle at 3 months old

Well, my super sweet friend, Jen, emailed me and offered to let me use one of hers!  She has 3 adorable little boys, and I am all for borrowing baby clothes and toys when I can.  She had it with her at church this past Sunday and I've already bundled Jonah up in it when we take our neighbor's kids to go wait at the bus stop. After being outside for about 15 minutes, his hands were still toasty warm.

Then on Tuesday, a shipped Target bag showed up in our mailbox addressed to me.  When Luke brought in the mail I asked him what he had ordered from Target and he said he hadn't ordered anything.  So then I sat there trying so hard to remember what I had ordered recently.  I've been trying to be better about not spending too much money, but there have been other times where something shows up that I forgot I ordered.  (oops!)

I opened the bag, and lo and behold, there was a blue snowsuit inside!  We were so confused- I couldn't figure out how someone knew we needed it for Jonah.  And then I remembered I had mentioned something in Jonah's six month update and someone must have bought it for him.  The gift receipt revealed that it was from one of my best friends (and roommate) from college!

you're the best, Kristen!

She added a little note that said she had read about it on Jonah's update and that she has a "slight addiction" to buying baby clothes.  Love it! And obviously, Jonah loves it.

in the mouth, per the usual

Speaking of weather, Maryland had a beautiful 75* day on Tuesday!  One last warm hurrah before the cold really hits.  I had an appointment with the podiatrist (who said it's ok for me to run!) and my friend Sarah watched Noelle while I was there.  Her two little girls were dressed as princesses and Sarah brought another princess dress for Noelle to wear, which she wore for the rest of that day, and the entire next day.

Noelle as a princess  // Jonah and mommy on the swing

Luke got home early from work so we headed to one of the local playgrounds so that Noelle could play and we could all enjoy the beautiful day. Winter is going to be sad when we can't go outside anymore!

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