Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Fun/The Return of the Fussy

The typical progression of how pictures go when I try to get a good picture of both of them.  But I had to capture them wearing their matching pumpkin shirts!

 just one is looking- always!

so much movement

We had planned to go to a local farm on Saturday, but because of the overcast weather and rain the day before, we decided to hold off and try another weekend.  It worked out well because Luke's brother and his wife, Caleb and Debbie, are in town visiting Luke's parents and came down to see us for a little bit. I took Debbie and Luke's sister, Lydia, to a crepe place right in our little downtown, which we love!  Noelle tagged along with us girls, while Luke and Caleb stayed home with a sleeping Jonah.  

It was also our town's Fall Festival.  Once Jonah woke up from his nap, Luke and I took the kids down to Main Street to walk around and check out the vendors.  There weren't as many as usual, but it was fun to see what was there, and we got some yummy hot apple cider and some sugar covered almonds.

Care Bear of course tagged along // Jonah chomping on our new teething necklace

Jonah is back to his super fussy self, which we think may be because of me eating my normal diet again.  It was a rough weekend- I had him at a baby shower with me on Saturday afternoon and he lost it, so we did not last long.  And then we had dinner at my parent's, and thankfully, my mom was willing to hold him and give us a little bit of a break!

Sunday I had a meeting with some girls from my church who are planning on getting a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) program going, which I am so excited about! Thankfully I was able to put Jonah down for a nap right before I left and he slept most of the time I was gone.  The rest of the day was spent dealing with a fussy, nap-refusing Jonah.  Oh the joys of parenthood and returning to at least a dairy-free diet.

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