Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Despite her lack of speech, Noelle certainly has her own personality!  And I want to remember these things since they change so quickly!

Whenever Jonah spits up, Noelle exclaims "oh no" and holds her hands up in despair.  Sometimes she even runs to get me a burp cloth.

 Noelle from last October

Seeing cat puke leads to her slapping her legs and says "puke!".

When I tell her it's time to go shopping, she runs to get her shoes and says "SHOPPING!"

While driving, if I slam on the brakes a little harder than usual, "WHOA!"

from one of the crazy snows we got last winter

I was explaining to her that Jonah is her brother, and asked if she knew what a brother was.  She promptly answered with "Food!"

Sometimes she calls me "Goose", which is Luke's nickname for me.

When she wants to sing"Iitsy Bitsy Spider" or "I'm a Little Teapot", she starts doing the motions.

 loves her sunglasses

When we sing "This Little Light of Mine" and get to the verse about putting it under a bushel, her "NO" is very emphatic and loud.

She will request to color, and once everything is out for her, she will open a marker and hand it to one of us and say "help".

If I do something klutzy or stupid, I'll often exclaim "crap!", which is quickly followed by her saying "cwap!"  (note to self: need to stop saying that!)

love her piggies!

Speaking of mimicking me, she will copy almost my complete bedtime routine down to "plucking" her eyebrows and "flossing" her teeth.

It is so much fun watching her grow and develop into her own little person.  I know it will only get funnier (and more challenging) as her speech continues to come along.  But I am loving it!

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