Sunday, October 26, 2014

What Life Looks Like

My Sunday morning today looked like this:

- alarm went off at 5:45 because I knew I wanted to get in a run, and if I didn't do it before kids woke up, it wouldn't happen.  This is also after waking up around 2 a.m. to feed Jonah, and letting him cry it out for awhile around 10:30 p.m. (went to bed at 9:00).

- ran 5 miles (longest I've run in awhile, and still possibly running with a broken toe, but it feels good to be out there!)

she fought me on the dress and shoes for today

- came home to an awake Noelle.  Gave her a hug and told her she could go play while I showered, and thankfully she happily played in her room.  After I showered, I put pjs back on, changed Noelle, and blow-dried my hair.  By then, Jonah was waking up, so I changed his diaper and then took the kids downstairs.

- I got Noelle some breakfast, and then nursed Jonah while reading Noelle a few books and feeding myself an apple with almond butter (can't stop!).  Once he had nursed for a little while, I took him to the kitchen where he played in the bumbo while I cleaned up the kitchen and put a sweet potato in the microwave for both my breakfast and to make some for Jonah.

- I fried two eggs, and put them over half the sweet potato, and then held Jonah while I ate and put the rest of the sweet potato in the baby bullet.  As I was feeding Jonah some of the sweet potatoes, I heard Luke get up and shower.

- when Luke came downstairs, he took Jonah and tried to feed him some formula while I got dressed and finished my hair.  Jonah was starting to get fussy because by then he had been awake for almost two hours, which means nap time for Jonah!  We decided that Luke would stay home from church with Jonah, while Noelle and I went.

- Noelle and I made it to church a little bit late (how am I always late when I've been up for hours?!?) and I got to sit through an entire sermon for the first time in months!  I did feel like a little part of me was missing since Jonah has been such a permanent extension of myself.  But as much as I missed him, it felt so refreshing to hear the entire sermon and learn from God's Word!

Speaking of the sermon, it was a convicting one!  The passage was from Acts 11:19-30 about the beginning of the church in Antioch.  Pastor Randy talked about how "the hand of the Lord was on them", even though where Barnabas was preaching was not where he had planned to be.  While it is important for us to plan, none of our plans will work if God's hand is not in them.  We must be seeking His direction.

Also, as Christians we are commanded to "go and make disciples".  The Greek interpretation of "go" is actually "as you go".  We should be sharing Christ as we go- to our next door neighbor, at work, as we raise our children.  I guess I hadn't really thought about the fact that I am raising little disciples-to-be!  But it is so true, and that is exactly where God has me and I am so thankful for the opportunity!

These early Christians were the first to be called "christian", which means "little christs".  Randy reminded us that as much as we've given to the meaning of the word Christian (how we vote, how we educate our children, etc), all that matters is that we are in relationship with Christ and becoming more Christlike.

There are many more nuggets of truth from this passage, but these were a few that stuck out to me.

And random answer to prayer: on Thursday I was taking my rings off to put lotion on my hands and realized my engagement ring was missing!  I was so sad and kept thinking about it, but had no idea where it could be.  Today I decided to search in the van, and as soon as I opened up the trunk, I saw it just sitting there on the floor.  Praise the Lord for allowing me to find it!

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