Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Fun

This past weekend we finally got a chance to visit the pumpkin patch as a family!  It's been a busy month and the weather hasn't always cooperated, but we ended up with a beautiful day to go to Baugher's Farm and wander around the pumpkin patch.

our little dalmatian

A tradition my family had growing up, was dressing up in our Halloween costumes when we went to pick pumpkins.  It's always been fun looking back at those pictures and remembering all the various things we dressed up as, while of course being surrounded by pumpkins.  Quintessential Halloween. I knew I wanted to continue that tradition with our kids, and Luke was completely on board with it.

as good as it got with both of them

We already have a pumpkin that my mom gave us, so we didn't really plan on buying any while we were there.  Really, it was more for the experience and to take some fun pictures!  At Baugher's, you buy a $1 ticket to get on a hayride that takes you out to the actual pumpkin patch.  We hopped on, and Noelle loved it!

  kisses from Jonah on the ride

We wandered around the patch for a bit, took some pictures, and then Luke and Jonah waited in line for the ride back to the farm.  They had a fun tube slide stacked up on some hay bales, which Noelle went down twice before deciding it would be more fun to watch the other kids.

daddy and his puppies

We went to find daddy and Jonah in line and switched kids so that I could take Jonah somewhere sort of out of the way to nurse him.  Overall he did really well, but after awhile he was ready to be done. Once we got back to the parking lot, I nursed Jonah a little longer in the van while Luke and Noelle went to check out the petting zoo.  Since we were up near his parents, we took the kids to visit them, and his mom loved seeing them in their costumes!

Noelle's first Halloween as an elephant // Jonah's first Halloween as a puppy

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