Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jonah: 9 Month Update

This past month has been a big month of change for Jonah.  He grew a good amount and he is moving everywhere! Crawling, pulling up, cruising, holding our fingers and walking around.  I cannot keep up with him and it is amazing how different he is from Noelle, who was not even crawling at this point.

Height and Weight: At his appointment on Friday he weighed in at 17 pounds 2 ounces, which is a four pound weight gain from his six month appointment.  He went from the less than third percentile up to the fifth percentile.  The doctor was very happy with his weight gain (yay formula!).  He was 27 inches, which is the 12th percentile.  A shorty, but I don't really expect any of my kids to be big.

Sleep:  He's mostly been good about only waking up once a night.  If he's sick, he'll wake up more. And if he wakes up a second time when he's not sick, we let him cry it out, which usually only lasts for a few minutes.  The doctor did say his upper gums look swollen, and I did think that he might be teething, so hopefully those pop through soon!  Other than waking up one time at night, he usually sleeps for about 12 hours.

We still usually get two naps a day, but his morning nap is now more like three hours after he wakes up as opposed to two hours after, and usually lasts around two hours.  His afternoon nap is usually less than an hour, but he somehow manages to stay awake till his 7:00 bedtime, even on the occasional day when he skips that afternoon nap.

Eating: I think we're mostly done with nursing.  He'll nurse for a very short time and then pop his head up and just look around like he's all done.  Over time, I can tell my supply has gone down, but we've been continuing with the formula.  He nurses first thing in the morning, before each nap, and before bed.  He also gets about four six ounce bottles of formula throughout the day.

This past month he's also become quite the pro at picking up and feeding himself cheerios and small chunks of sweet potato and fruit.  If Noelle leaves food laying around, there's a good chance he's going to eat it. She left the remnants of her peanut butter sandwich on the coffee table, and I found Jonah happily chomping away on it.  Good to know he doesn't have a peanut allergy!  I still make him purees, but I think we'll start moving more towards getting him to feed himself.

Diapers/Clothing: He still seems to fit size 2 diapers pretty well, and is wearing mostly 6 month and 6-9 month clothes.  I just put all of his 9 month sized things in his dresser, which are a little big, but we just roll up the pant legs when needed.

Social/Milestones:  Crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, going from sitting to crawling to sitting like a pro, and cruising around the coffee table to the side table and along the wall.  He is EVERYWHERE!  Bathtime is always interesting when he's constantly moving and trying to pull himself up on the side of the tub.  There were two nights when he woke up and was wailing away for awhile so I went to check on him and he was standing in his crib.  I think he hadn't quite figured out how to get back down, but he's quite good at that now.

He still prefers being with mom and dad and we have not been able to leave him in nursery for a full service yet.  He's constantly flipping around when we try to change his diaper, and gets really angry when we put him into his car seat.  I think that even though he hates being in the car seat, he does enjoy getting out of the house and being in a new place.

so hard getting him to lay down

Likes: Holding our fingers and walking around is one of his favorite things.  If we try to place him on the floor, he just stiffens his legs and back and won't sit.  He loves following Noelle around and trying to get a hold of everything that does not belong to him.  Everything goes in his mouth.  He seems to enjoy bathtime and will usually be happy in the tub even if he's been cranky most of the day.
Dislikes: He hates being on his back while getting his diaper changed. He tries so hard to roll back over so we have to pin him down.  He dislikes being away from mom and dad, and he hates being left for too long in one spot.

Fun things we did: He celebrated his first Christmas and New Years!  I love baby's first holiday celebrations and it was fun seeing him "open" presents and get spoiled by family.  We had our pancakes and pajamas party, and a play date with Becker and Vivian.  We met with both of our Bible study groups, and watched some Ravens football with Nana and Grandpa.  There were a few days of snow, which was fun to play in!

Pictures from the past month:

 hanging out at home

 feeding himself some cheerios

 a walk in the snow

 finally going to get Jonah's birth certificate

 getting Chick-Fil-A with daddy

 hanging out at the library

 being cranky sometimes

9 month well-check

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