Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lately // 4

One Sunday morning we were all up and dressed for church by 9:30, except for Jonah who was napping.  Luke and I were chatting in the kitchen while Noelle was playing, and when she wandered over to us, we could tell that she had been doing some "business" in her diaper.  Luke smelled her to double check and said "oh yeah, there's a poop" (oh the things we say as parents).  I told him since I changed all the diapers yesterday, it was his turn to do this one.  He admitted defeat and told Noelle to head upstairs.  As they walked over to the stairs Noelle exclaims, "Daddy's turn!"

Jonah all dressed for church

The year of 2015 will be the year of Big Deal Birthdays for this house.  Okay, maybe they aren't that big of a deal, but to me they are!  Jonah will of course be turning the big one! I can't believe how close we already are to his first birthday, and I'm wanting to play around on Pinterest to get some fun ideas for his party.  Luke and I both turn 30 this year, which used to sound so old to me, but now that I'm here it really doesn't seem that bad.  Plus I keep hearing from a lot of people how great your 30's are.  And Noelle will be turning three, which may not seem like much, but it is her golden birthday- turning three on the third of the month.  I feel like I should make a big deal about it (especially since I did nothing for her second birthday), so hopefully I can get my act together and do something fun!

Noelle eating a cupcake on her first birthday

On January 6, we had a fun snow day.  We got about 2-3 inches of snow and the kids in our county had off school. My friend's kids who I watch in the morning before school still came over for a few hours while their parents had a meeting and Noelle had fun playing with them over here.  When their mom got home, Noelle went over to play with them and played in the snow as well.  Jonah and I ventured out to see what kind of fun they were having, and Noelle was having an absolute blast!  She was trying to do everything the big kids were doing, including rolling down the hill and sliding belly first on the snow.

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