Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Three Day Weekend Highs and Lows

Our three day weekend had some highs and lows, but I love that Luke was home for MLK Day.  He didn't get that day off at his old job and I love having him home as much as possible!

Some highlights of the weekend:

- My Friday evening sitting at Panera for some much needed me-time was so refreshing!  It was only the second time I've ever not been home for Jonah's bedtime since he's been born (the first being when Luke and I went to his work Christmas party), but we both survived.  And as I was driving to Panera, Luke texted me to tell me that Noelle kept saying "Mommy come back here!", but thankfully it didn't take her long to be happy with Daddy.  I love that she loves me, but it makes me feel bad when I leave!

working on a Pinterest find and sorting colors

- On Saturday we went up to Luke's parent's house for a Mary Kay party that Lydia was hosting.  It was some good girl time for me, and I wound up with some good stuff for my super dry hands.  The Mary Kay consultant was Lydia's best friend from Grove City, and Lydia pointed out that she and I are sorority sisters.  Ah, the good old sorority days.  We also got to hang out with Luke's parents for a while and catch up with them.

- We hosted one of our Bible study groups on Sunday evening.  Church ended up getting canceled Sunday morning because of slick roads in Howard County, so it was extra great being able to fellowship with our friends that evening. We love the two groups that we're involved with and being able to share Christ with one another.  Noelle's friend Lillian is in both groups and the two of them seem to have a blast together- Kristina and I are a tad worried about how crazy future sleep overs will be with the two of them!

- We've slowly been working on this whole potty training thing with Noelle, and I feel like I'm not being as consistent as I should be about keeping her out of a diaper.  She spent most of Sunday in a diaper, but after everyone got here for Bible study, I went to change her and told her that Lillian doesn't wear a diaper anymore.  So of course she wanted to wear her "underwears", as she calls them. At one point, after Lillian had used the potty, Noelle went upstairs and used the potty completely on her own!  Luke and I were so surprised!  And then, she did it again later on that evening.  But, as it seems to be going with our potty training, one step forward, two steps back.  On Monday, she came upstairs to pee in the potty, but had totally pooped in her underwear.  Oh the joys of parenthood!

so gross, but so Jonah and I had to take a picture

And now for the not so fun parts of the weekend:

- Saturday morning I finally took our cat Nellie to the vet.  She's been going through phases where she will puke daily, and then stop for a while, but then start back up again.  She is definitely a very anxious kitty and has licked all the fur off her belly and paws.  Anyhow, the vet gave me a quote for what she thought needed to be done that came to about $500.  I did not want to spend that amount, and we got it down to about $200 which included two vaccines and a senior cat blood work. However, they also gave me a quote before I left for a dental procedure that she needed that was going to cost about $900! I just cannot justify spending that much on a cat when I want to be able to save for my kid's college.  Especially on a cat that won't let us touch her and who has made a complete mess of our house.

typical Nellie- trying to get away

- This all leads to the worst part of the weekend.  Without doing the dental procedure for Nellie, she would continue to be in a lot of pain (she had some exposed roots), so we decided it was time to put her down.  I knew I would be sad, but I cried a lot more yesterday than I thought I would.  It broke my heart to have to put down a sweet cat, even though I knew it was for the best.  We took her to our county's humane society, and I was especially glad that Luke was with me to take care of the paperwork and payment.  I just held on to Jonah and cried and pointed the fish out to Noelle to try to distract all of us.  Thankfully, Noelle is young enough that she has no idea and will probably never ask about Nellie.

Now onto the rest of the week and getting ready for Jonah to turn nine months old on Friday!

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