Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Forever Faithful

Lately I find myself feeling drained, discouraged with how frustrated I get with the kids, and feeling like I just can't keep up with everything that I need to do.  I also keep falling into the pit of wanting what isn't in God's plan for me at the moment, and then getting jealous of those who do get what I want. Definitely not a fun place to be.  Which also leaves me feeling frustrated that I even have those feelings to begin with.

The culprit of all of this is obviously my lack of spending time with God and trusting Him with my life.  Especially with my feelings of jealousy.  Not the first time I've felt them, but hello Megan, you are so blessed! I'm married to my best friend who works so hard for our little family, I have two kids whom I love so much, and I get to do the best job ever- staying home with my littles to raise them and watch them grow.

God is forever faithful and even though I haven't been seeking Him like I should, He has reminded me that He is always right there beside me.  Praise Him for that!  Motherhood certainly has a way of constantly showing me my need for Him.

loves having her Anna braids

Yesterday while Jonah was napping and Noelle was playing with a friend, I had a moment to sit down and read the Scripture and the lesson for Lent from the She Reads Truth study (the super great Bible Study app I have on my phone).  Even though I'm about two weeks behind, I started with the study on the introduction to Lent.  And it was so what I needed.  The reminder that I am a sinner in desperate need of a Savior that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

poor, sick boy

The study reminded me of who Jesus is and what He has done.  For ME.  I was created by and for Jesus, and I am in need of His reconciliation. every. single. day. It's so easy to forget the significance of what He has done for me, but I love that during Easter and the time leading up to it, I can be reminded of just how very significant it is.

Lord, how I need Thee!

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.  ~Colossians 1:17

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