Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hair Cut and Pitch Perfect

Our three day weekend was as good as it could get with a VERY cranky Jonah. It certainly brought flashbacks from Jonah's first six months of life with all the crying and screaming he did back then. Only mommy could hold him (and he must be held!), and whenever he didn't get his little way about anything, he would fling himself to the floor and bang his head on whatever the surface may be. Violent little baby (can I still call him a baby?) tantrums! He has some nice little scratches on his forehead from deciding to bang his head into the sidewalk a few times.

BUT we did have fun at a friend's housewarming party on Saturday, which was made even better by the perfect weather. Sunny and in the low 70's with no humidity. Can't get much better than that! We ate yummy food, fellow-shipped with some friends from church, and Noelle fell in their pool. That part wasn't so much fun- but she survived, and hopefully learned the lesson of not reaching too far forward! I was inside when it happened so I missed her initial reaction, which was understandably scared. By the time she got to me, she just wanted her mommy to hold her. I changed her into dry clothes, and she was ready to play some more and didn't want to leave to get the cranky Jonah home.

family hike

Jonah's big milestone of the weekend was getting his first haircut! On Saturday (the exact day Jonah turned 13 months), Luke brought our kitchen scissors outside and went to work. Luke did the front and it ended up a little shorter (and choppier) than I was thinking, but it definitely does the job and keeps it out of his eyes. We finished the sides and back before church the next morning because little man was just not having it. Then this happened:

Nursery coordinator at church: I see Jonah got a haircut.
Me: Yup- Luke gave him his first trim!
Nursery coordinator: I thought you were going to say Noelle did it.
[cue lots of laughter]

It really turned out as well as a haircut can be when you have a moving target! J looks adorable, and it was way better than paying $15 for someone else to do the same thing!

I will coordinate their clothes for as long as I can!

After service, we were talking to our friends who said they were planning to go see Pitch Perfect 2 that evening. They invited Luke and me to join them, and I was all on board after all the "fun" we'd been having with Jonah for the past few days. We just had to find a sitter- and thankfully Heather loves her niece and nephew so much that she and Jason were able to meet his parents earlier for dinner just so she could get to our house in enough time. (Thank you, Heather!) After we took an afternoon family hike, we hoped that Jonah would mostly sleep while she was watching him!

We met Jess, Megan, and Joe for some food and then headed to the theater, where Jack caught up with us. Two important things to note about this movie: [ONE] this is the first movie that Luke and I were seeing TOGETHER since before Noelle was born. I don't even remember what we last saw together in theaters- probably something Harry Potter related. [TWO] We're pretty sure this is the first chick flick that we've seen together in theaters EVER.

I really enjoyed the movie, and it was a perfect way to relax (even though I checked my phone every five minutes) and get some endorphins by laughing. Luke was not too impressed by the movie, but he thoroughly enjoyed hearing our friend Jack laugh at everything. Definitely a win in my book!

Monday morning I took the littles to the Memorial Day parade, and later that afternoon we joined Luke's parents and Lydia for a yummy cookout- a great end to our three day weekend!

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