Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Little Adventures

We are definitely loving this warm weather. Being outside makes everyone much happier, and it's so much easier to just walk out the door and go- cold means lots of bundling and extra stuff, and I was definitely over all that!  Jonah especially loves being outside, and if he starts to get fussy in the evenings, out we go!

We've filled up the pool on the deck a few times already, and I can foresee this being a regular part of our weeks over the summer. 

My friend's wedding is officially scheduled for Labor Day weekend so I headed to David's Bridal last week to try on the dress we had decided on over the phone. My mom came to watch Jonah, and I took Noelle so that she could see all the "princess" dresses. She loved it and wanted me to try on more dresses. (Meanwhile girlfriend has lost her privilege of wearing a princess dress because we're working on some potty issues.)

I took the kids on an afternoon froyo date last week. Noelle insisted on the really big cup, and Jonah ate all my fruit and refused the actual froyo. But it was a fun afternoon adventure. And I love seeing how much more they interact with each other. Jonah loves to laugh at Noelle, and she (not so gently) will pull him around and "take care" of him.

We also met my mom and her exchange student at a local country club for a free hot air balloon festival. I knew Jonah wouldn't last for too long since a lot of the festivities would be happening around his bedtime, so we got there as close to the beginning as we could. There were a few balloons inflated, and Noelle especially loved watching them. We walked around checking out the vendors, played in the grass, and watched people riding a balloon. It brought back memories of when I surprised Luke with a hot air balloon ride for his 23rd birthday. Definitely an adventure- landing was the scariest part to me, and of course Luke's favorite part!

This past Sunday was the second week we had our MOPS registration table set up. I stayed after the service to work the table, but had both littles with me since Luke wasn't feeling well and stayed home. My friend Stephanie was also there solo with her three kids, and I think the chaos of keeping up with all of them while trying to talk to people showed real life as mom of a preschooler.

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