Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Zoo and Some Other Fun

The month of April flew by with all that we had going on, and it seems that May is already passing in the blink of an eye. We went into this week with only a few plans, but it has turned out to be a good mix of fun and trying to get things done (though it seems impossible to have everything done!)

On Monday, we had no plans other than Noelle's preschool orientation in the evening- I figured after the race last weekend, it would be good to ease ourselves into the week. Around 7:30 Monday morning, I got a text from my friend Beverly asking if we wanted to go to the Maryland Zoo with them that day. At first I was hesitant to say yes because I'm a total wimp about driving into Baltimore, and especially with all the chaos that had been going on the previous week, I wasn't sure I wanted to use my horrible directional skills to try and get there.

But I told myself- I'm an adult, I can do this, I don't need Luke or my mom to drive me to the city. And I did some praying that the Lord would protect us and make sure that my GPS took me to the right place. I quickly bathed the kids because they were about three days overdue for a bath (just keeping it real!), and then packed a lunch and headed out the door. Even though I wasn't too sure about where I was going, we made it to the zoo with me only getting off at one incorrect exit, which was thankfully easy to fix.

We met up with Beverly and her kids and headed straight to the carousel. She has a membership to the zoo, and during the first hour they were open on Monday, only members could enter and the rides were free! Noelle loves the carousel, and would have stayed on non-stop, but after one ride we went to check out some of the animals. Between the two of us, we have two almost three year olds, a one year old, and almost one year old. We attempted taking pictures of all four together and it was hilarious. Her oldest looks like he could fit in with my kids with his blonde hair, and I'm not sure people would be able to tell that the three oldest have any Asian in them (my kids being 1/8 and Beverly's are 1/4).

After we ate our picnic lunch and went to brush the goats, we all headed home. Jonah and Noelle both fell asleep in the car and I hoped that they would just stay asleep while I sat in the car with the windows down in the driveway. But, of course, both woke up as soon as we pulled in, and that was Jonah's nap for the day.

On Tuesday morning, we met up with my friend Natalie for a walk/run at the park, and then some playground fun. I almost never run with the stroller, but was surprised that I could mostly keep up with Natalie who regularly runs with hers. I'm amazed by her because I feel like I'm dying when I'm pushing that thing! It was a beautiful day, and Noelle enjoyed being able to play at a different play ground than the ones we normally go to.

Wednesday morning we had our last MOPS meeting before we break for the summer with the group I've been a part of this year. Noelle had no problem going into the MOPPETS room to play with friends, but after I heard Jonah crying for 10 minutes, I went in to rescue him. Thankfully, he snuggled in my lap and ate the rest of my bagel while we listened to our speaker. The woman who spoke is going to be our MOPS mentor for next year, and it was so fun hearing her story and asking her questions about life when our babies aren't so little anymore. Wednesday evening, I had a meeting at church for the MOPS group we are starting there, so it was definitely a MOPS focused day!

The rest of the week I spent catching up on laundry and getting things together for the baby shower I'm going to this weekend. We also start registration for my church's MOPS group on Sunday, which I've been helping to coordinate! I'm praying that it all goes smoothly and that we get lots of moms, because I know our leadership team is SO excited about getting this group started. And thanks to some beautiful weather, we've been able to enjoy lots of outside time!

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