Friday, May 22, 2015

What We're Loving

Noelle these days is all about her ballerina skirts- which is pretty much any skirt. It's a nice change from her wearing a dress every single day, but it still makes it a little tricky for being lady-like on the playground. But we roll with it!

She seems to be over her obsession with watching Strawberry Shortcake 24/7, and has moved on to watching Horseland on Netflix when she gets t.v. time. I love that she seems to be so into horses, and am not so secretly dreaming of the day when she will be old enough to start taking riding lessons. When I told Luke, he suggested I go take lessons with her. I'm trying to picture myself being a part of a lesson with a bunch of five year olds! This might just be on of those things where I live vicariously through my kids.

Noelle is all about her "Anna braids", as she calls any type of braid based on Princess Anna in Frozen. Whenever I tell her I need to do her hair, she requests Anna braids. There's usually not enough time to do it every day, but it is adorable when we have the time!

Jonah is absolutely obsessed with Noelle's toddler potty. Every time we go upstairs to use the bathroom, he is all over it. He takes it apart, carries pieces of it around, puts it in his mouth (UGH!). If Noelle is sitting on it, he's all up in her space. I will definitely be glad when she can use the big potty full-time and we can put the toddler potty away!

He also loves being able to do what big sister is doing. He steals all her drinks and food if they are within reach. If she is playing with some stuffed animals, he wants to grab them. We keep reminding her to place things up out of his reach, but this is only the beginning of life with a little brother!

I am loving the fitbit my sister got me for my birthday! When I was down in Texas, my friends Kristen and Amy were wearing theirs and competing with each other for the most steps. Becky had already told me she was getting me a fitbit, so I was looking forward to joining in the competition fun. Running pretty much every day sets me up with a good amount of steps, but it also makes me realize that if I didn't run, there's a good chance I wouldn't make the recommended number of steps. When I told Becky how much I loved it, she got one for herself and for Heather so that the three of us could compete as well. Love it!

I'm also really enjoying being a part of getting the MOPS group started at church. I love the overall idea of MOPS, and am really glad for the friendships I've started to make with the MOPS group I've been a part of near where we live. All the emails and meetings to coordinate registration and plans makes me feel like I'm in the work world again- just way less stress and everyone I work with are people I love!

Luke and I both have really appreciated the date nights we've been able to have (and are looking forward to more!) We've got plans in the works to go away for our anniversary, and for my birthday, one of our closest couple friends gave us movie tickets and a note saying they would watch the kids. It really does take a community to raise children, AND to help marriages thrive.

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