Saturday, June 11, 2016

Baby Shower and Strawberry Picking

Last Saturday we celebrated my sister and her baby boy with a baby shower! My mom and I attempted to work with Heather to make the theme "travel" since that's what they are doing for the nursery. And by attempt, I mean my mom and I are not super creative when it comes to that type of thing. But my mom is a great organizer and host, and so I think everyone enjoyed the party, and got the gist of the theme.

The lunch was food from around the world- pita and hummus, pot stickers, fried "rice" quinoa, croissants, 7 layer taco dip, and "Swedish" meatballs, with of course a veggie salad and fruit salad. And cake for dessert. Our napkins and plates were images of an old world map, which my mom was able to get a picture of on the cake. We gave out globe wrapped chocolates as part of the party favors, which also included chocolate chip cookies made by my mom and sweet tea made by Heather. Noelle and I had a lot of fun celebrating, and baby boy will be one well-dressed little dude!

Also, fun fact- I'm pretty sure my baby shower for Noelle was almost exactly four years before Heather's first baby shower. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed, and how many things have changed!

On Wednesday this past week, Maryland had some amazing weather- upper 60's, sunny, and no humidity. A friend of mine texted me on Tuesday to see if we wanted to join them for strawberry picking the next day, and based on the weather report, I hopped right on that. We met her and her little guy at our favorite farm, and picked a good supply of strawberries. Jonah and Noelle were excited for the first little bit, and then Jonah spent the rest of the time eating (or at least taking one bite of) all the strawberries he picked. Noelle hung out on my back as I crawled around picking the berries.

We had hoped to head over to the main part of the farm after we were done to see the animals, but right as we pulled into the parking lot, it started pouring and got super windy. We thought about waiting it out for a few minutes, but decided to just head back to our place to play for a bit.My friend and I got to catch up, Noelle ate her lunch (food all the time for that one!), and Jonah learned some lessons in sharing our toys with others.

Our Friday included a sunny picnic play date with friends from our MOPS group. There were seven moms there, and between us we have 12 kids (one of which was in school.) Out of all those kids, Noelle was the only girl. And a lot of the boys have turned, or will turn, two this year. Lots of crazy shenanigans in our future!

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