Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Last Weekend in June

The only thing we had planned for this past weekend, other than church on Sunday morning, was a cookout at the park with my sister and brother-in-law for Sunday evening. We started off Saturday by sleeping in (to the tune of 7:30), and then both Luke and I ran, showered, made a grocery list, and headed out to Walmart to get our grocery shopping done for the week. We kept our meals simple so we didn't have a whole lot to buy, and we were in and out fairly quickly. Awesome- go team W!

Once we came home, we sat on our deck to enjoy the low 80's, super low humidity weather while the littles played in the baby pool. We ate our lunches outside, the kids enjoyed popsicles, and eventually we headed inside for Jonah to nap and Noelle to have some downtime. It was wonderful! In the evening, we decided to head out to Goodwill to find Jonah some cheap summer time PJs. We have a lot in his size that are the fleece zip-up kind, but he already wakes up sweating in the morning from all the blankets he insists upon sleeping with. We found a few shorts and t-shirts that we figure can be added to the pajama rotation as well. And Noelle has recently had an obsession with all things "America"- anything red, white, and blue, she wants. I told her if we found something "America" in her size at Goodwill, we could get it. She ended up with a little t-shirt with a turtle holding an American flag. Done and done.

Thanks to Grandma, we have the Chick Fil A calendar card, and our freebie for the month was getting ready to expire. We decided to grab dinner through the drive-thru, along with our free frosted lemonade, and go home for a movie night. We even made it a semi date night movie night- the kids watched 101 Dalmatians upstairs, while we watched The Barkley Marathons documentary in the basement. The movie was recommended to us by multiple friends, and it did not disappoint. Basically it's a crazy endurance race in Tennessee that has so many quirky things involved, and very few people have completed it since it's inauguration.

Sunday we headed to church, and then had a slow afternoon before heading to the park with Heather and Jason. We'd had so much fun a the park the week before for Father's Day, that we decided to go again. The park was way less crowded and we sat at a picnic table near our favorite play ground. The kids played and we wandered down by the water while Luke and Jason cooked the pork, corn on the cob, and asparagus. So yum- and day two of perfect weather in Maryland!

Jonah seems to have a hard time remembering Heather's name- he's called her Becky multiple times, and yesterday when we saw them walking up to our house, Jonah yelled "Uncle Jason!" but nothing about Heather. Whenever we ask him who she is, he says "I dunno." Such a stinker and he knows it! Heather's due date is less than a month away now and we're all SO excited to meet baby boy! And whenever we see a cute baby outfit in the store, Noelle says "We should get that for my baby cousins!"

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