Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Best Day Ever!"

This morning started a bit chaotically with some whining (them), disciplining (me), and general craziness (all three of us). But after an hour of going around in circles of making a second breakfast for both littles, putting shoes on, taking them off, changing a dirty diaper, and switching over the laundry, we finally made it out the door to go grocery shopping.

After a quick(ish) trip we came home and Ellie and Jonah played together while I did some cleaning. Before we'd left for our shopping trip, we filled up our little pool so the water would have some time to warm up. Once at least a little bit of cleaning was done, I changed them into their swim suits and quickly threw together some PB&J sandwiches for a picnic next to the pool.

They devoured their sandwiches, and then dove right in to the strawberries. If I hadn't cut them off, I have no doubt they would have eaten the entire carton. Then, in a classic summer day moment, they slurped up their freezie pop popsicles. Noelle exuberantly exclaimed "this is the best day ever!"

Indeed, a day that feels like summer is one of the best days ever! And there was also some fighting over my protein shake. At least they were slurping up some spinach.

And after a nap and some t.v. time, we ate dinner, enjoyed another popsicle, and played outside with the kids next door until daddy got home.

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