Sunday, June 26, 2016

Some Snippets

One of the CDs that we have for the kids is called The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This by Rain for Roots. The first song Open Our Eyes is basically a prayer for God to open our ears to hear and eyes to see that our faith will grow, including the line "grow it up like the tallest tree." Our kids have changed it to the "the Thomas tree." Luke and I laugh every time we hear them piping up from the backseat with their little, out of tune voices "grow it up like the Thomas tree!"

We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday by getting takeout from Beck's, one of our favorite local restaurants. I knew I wanted crab cakes, and we'd heard good things about theirs, so Beck's it was! Luke was supposed to get home around 6:00, but the area a little to the west and south of us was hit by a tornado and his regular route home was backed up, as well as the other back roads he tried. I explained to the kids that daddy was stuck, but would hopefully be home soon. Thankfully he made it home around 7:00, and as we were loading everyone in the van to go pick up our food, Jonah kept saying "daddy suck, daddy suck!" Luke and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Daddy stuck", "daddy suck"- we know what you meant, Jonah!

Last Friday I was outside talking to my neighbor while our kids played, and she invited us to join them for dinner at Pizza Hut to celebrate their daughter's last day of kindergarten. I tried to snap a picture of the four kids before we headed out, and got the girls posing and the boys doing who knows what. But it was a fun time, and all four kids did really well while we were out. (Carbs and cheese are the way to go!)

Also, I just finished reading Noelle her first chapter book! It makes my book loving heart so happy that she was interested enough to make it through. It was the first book of the Misty Inn series, Welcome Home!, which includes bits about ponies and Chincoteague Island, and makes my pony crazy self happy.

Noelle also had her first week of swim lessons! The first two days she did okay, but then she decided she'd had enough, and before we even left for the pool on Wednesday morning, she was crying about having to get in to the pool. And then the entire 30 minutes of her lesson she was that kid- the one crying, saying she wanted her mommy. I did laugh a little when the instructor had the kids "jumping" in to the assistant instructor and Noelle's head went under just a little bit. That brought on more crying, but she survived, and the next day was quite happy when stormy weather cancelled the lesson. Luke taught swim lessons at that pool 10 years ago, and said he had kids who cried a lot all the time. And as he says, at least she's getting experience around the water even if she's not really learning how to swim. We'll see how this next week of lessons goes!

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