Friday, June 17, 2016

Snapshots of Our Week

After church on Sundays, I try to grab a picture of the kids as we're walking out to our car. Luke always looks at me, like "really? again?", but they're both just so cute, and it's my attempt to capture glimpses of them growing up. And since they're always so hungry after church, even though they've just had a snack in nursery, they're usually eating something. This past week, it was lollipops.

On Monday we decided to head to the library for story time with our favorite librarian. A friend from my MOPS group had met me there a few times, and we both decided that he's the most entertaining- both for the kids and parents in the room. He's pretty funny, and he plays the ukulele. It had been awhile since Noelle and Jonah had been, and they both were so excited to be there. At one point Noelle started crawling around saying she was a cat, and Jonah immediately copied her. I think for the summer at least we'll try to make Monday library time a regular thing!

A friend texted me around 3:45 Monday afternoon right after Jonah woke up from his nap asking if we wanted to meet her and her girls at a local farm to feed the goats. We headed over to the farm and the kids had so much fun running back and forth from the goat pen to where they food was kept. Lots of squealing and laughter. And Noelle named the goats Sparkly, Purple, and Sparkly. Clearly a girl, and clearly so creative.

On Wednesday we picked up a friend who was without a car for a little while for a play date at another friend's house. Her little guy is 3 months old, and his car seat fit just right in between Noelle and Jonah. Noelle especially was so excited to have a baby in the back with her. I texted a picture to my sisters saying this is what my car will look like once my sister has her baby and we go on adventures together!

On Thursday we had a play date scheduled for MOPS that was supposed to be at a play ground, but since it ended up being the one day this week that was rainy in the morning, we changed to meeting at the mall to play in the play area for a bit, and then lunch at Chick Fil A. It was fun and chaotic, and I think the first time I've ventured into the mall with both kids without a stroller. As soon as we left the van without the stroller, Noelle was like "my legs are gonna get tired!" Oh girl, you make me laugh. And we of course ended our trip with some fun on the carousel.

Now onto the weekend to celebrate the dads, and gear up for our 8th anniversary!

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